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  1. Hackintosh on a Ultrabook

    Has anyone made any progress now that Mountain Lion has been out for a bit? Either on finding a compatible wireless card or getting OSX to boot.
  2. Hackintosh on a Ultrabook

    It sounds like from what you are saying that the hardware is upgradable/modifiable. I thought most components, even the ram would be integrated onto the motherboard. How is the other hardware support going appart from the wireless card? like graphics and touchpad.
  3. Hackintosh on a Ultrabook

    That UX32VD looks great, I bet its expensive tho. So all Atheros card are supported by the OSX kernel are they? That seems like a good solution to just swap it. Has anyone cracked one of these open yet? I have replaced a few Asus wifi cards and haven't came across one being BIOS locked to certain hardware. I am a little worried a different wireless card wont physically fit, im sure there can't be too much extra space in these things. Apart from that, whats involved in getting the touchpad working nicely?
  4. Hackintosh on a Ultrabook

    Okay well I expect it would be a similar situation for the new model. I can live without bluetooth but Its not much use without wireless. Do you know what wifi chip yours has? Or what one the air uses?
  5. Hackintosh on a Ultrabook

    Hi, I have been thinking of trying to hackintosh a laptop for a while now and I think I want to try it on the new Asus Zenbook Prime. I would just buy an air but the full HD IPS display would be so awesome on OSX. I did a bit of searching and haven't really found much on people trying the ultrabooks but at the risk of sounding too optimistic, it uses pretty standard parts. Third gen low voltage i7, USB 3.0 integrated into the chipset. HD graphics 4000. Intel SATA 3 storage controllers. all of these are pretty much the same as the Air. Surly the keyboard and trackpad don't need anything special. Not too sure about wireless, I think it uses a realtek chip. Anyone know what the air uses? The only think I can really see being a problem are the function keys on the keyboard which use the ATK packages. I think they also influence the power use of the laptop so that could be affected too. Any thoughts from experienced hackintoshers? Would be sweet to have this run OSX.