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  1. HD4000 full acceleration for 10.8 / 10.7.5

    I cant say about DVD player, as I dont yet even have a DVD drive in my hack - But I havent had a single crash, never mind a KP or anything, since I got this HD4000 enabled! All in all, I am very very pleased!
  2. HD4000 full acceleration for 10.8 / 10.7.5

    Yes, I think my sleep issue is due to the fact I'm using device Id 01620005 in the efi string but my chip device Id is 01620009. I've tried using that but no joy, as expected to be honest as the only desktop chips (0162xxxx as opposed to 0166xxxx) that are listed in the HD4000kext are 01620005, 01620006 and 01620007 - although from those only 01620005 seems to work/be active.
  3. HD4000 full acceleration for 10.8 / 10.7.5

    Yeah, I have the same wake from sleep issue. But no problems with overclock - I didnt push it, but 4.0 - 4.1 Ghz was no problems, left it running overnight and all is well.
  4. HD4000 full acceleration for 10.8 / 10.7.5

    You dont put the EFI string in that plist file. You use that plist file provided to generate the EFI String, then you place the EFI sting in your org.chamelon.Boot.plist file (in the "Extra" Folder). At least thats what how I understood it/did it. Generated EFI string using gfxutil and a plist file like the one dta provided, then put EFI string in chamelon boot plist. The instructions on the previous page about using gfxutil were exactly what I needed. just follow them through.
  5. HD4000 full acceleration for 10.8 / 10.7.5

    Yes I am getting much more than 2 p states. And yes I am using p and c state generation in chamelon. As far as i can see AGPM doesnt load. AppleIntelFrameBufferCapri and AppleIntelHD4000Graphics do obviously now that its working!
  6. HD4000 full acceleration for 10.8 / 10.7.5

    Yes, Excellent. i just added in another 4GB of ram now and it reports "Intel HD Graphics 4000 512MB" - as expected with over 4GB of system ram. so it all seems to be supported at this stage. Tried a few games, HD movies etc and all is well. So then I set the RAM to 1600MHZ and the CPU to 4GHZ in the BIOS and its great, really really snappy. I added plenty of fans to my G5 modded case and all the temps are fine according to HW Monitor. I'll need further testing obviously but it seems spot on. Thanks again everyone.
  7. HD4000 full acceleration for 10.8 / 10.7.5

    Hi, I'll try setting the VRAM limit in the BIOS now and report back. I'm using a Macmini5,1 smbios and I've already tried with and without GraphicsEnabler set. The only thing not really working is QE/Ci -Acceleration basically. I can boot etc just fine. I have seen messed up stripes when I add the EFI string, but I can tell also that the resolution is correct for my monitor (1920x1200x32) so something is happening with the EFI strings. When I remove the string in single user mode I can boot back into OSX no problems. Using "Graphics Mode = 1920x1200x32" in the meantime to get full resolution Other than this everything else is great. This board seems the business and doesnt even need a DSDT, I only started using one when I started messing with getting the HD4000 working. Before that I was able to install 10.8 with just FakeSMC added. Nothing else required to boot. Audio, Network etc are easy to get going too. I'll change the BIOS VRAM now and try some strings again, see what happens! Thanks EDIT - Well some progress - changed VRAM and The "About this Mac" window now reports "Intel HD graphics 4000 384MB" whereas before it always reported 64MB so a step in the right direction. Still no QE/CI though 2nd EDIT - STOP THE PRESS!! - It works!!! Translucent menu bar - full accelleration for videos etc (CPU usage used to jump way up now sits at near zero while playing a movie/flash HD etc) I double checked using kextstat and there is the HD4000 kext loaded. I set graphicsenabler=no and generated my own EFI string as above. It looked the same as others here but when applied and rebooted BOOM! it works!! Excellent stuff. Now, who gets the beers?? Many Many Many thanks.
  8. HD4000 full acceleration for 10.8 / 10.7.5

    Ive been unable to get this to work, I've tried the EFI string method, editing DSDTs, With DSDT, Without DSDT. Just cant get it to work. Using a Z77X-UD5H and i7 3770K. One thing I did notice is that the HD4000 graphics in my 3770 reports device id 01620009, which is not in the list of ids linked to previously. I think the i5s have 01620005, and none of the mobile ids (0166xxxxx) worked for me either. I'd love to get this working, at the moment I dont have a GFX card (I will be getting one anyway to match this nice processor) but I was thinking more along the lines for my next build, which I was going to try to do with integrated graphics in a much smaller case (Using a modded G5 case at present for the full ATX UD5H board. Any help or insight as usual is much appreciated. I'll happily paypal some $/£/€ (enough for a couple beers) to anyone can help me out! D
  9. HD4000 full acceleration for 10.8 / 10.7.5

    Really?? - This is big news!! any more details could help me out?
  10. HD4000 full acceleration for 10.8 / 10.7.5

    I have a Z77X-UD5H too, but with a 3770k - can you point me in the right direction to apply the instructions above? I couldnt really see where in my DSDT i was supposed to make the edits to add the IGPU device (its not there at present) I understand that it doesn't result in qe/ci being enabled but is a step forward at least. its the only thing left for me to get working on this otherwise great setup. Cheers