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  1. Alright, I just updated to Windows 10 and everything worked perfectly. Didn't even have to reinstall the bootloader.
  2. I forgot to mention that I currently have Chimera installed. I used clover some months ago, but had a lot of trouble with it due to the dualboot so I changed to Chimera again. I hope it won't make too much of a difference, but I guess I could create a clover boot stick in case something goes wrong.
  3. I am running a dualboot system and want to upgrade my windows 7 installation to windows 10. I already read online that this should work fine if you unplug your OSX drive, problem is, I have both systems installed on the same drive, so I obviously can't do that. Is anyone here also running a dualboot on the same drive and tried upgrading to Windows 10? How did it go?
  4. BrianH

    Weird resolution problem

    I don't use 1280x1024, neither do I use HD4000 graphics. I use an nvidia geforce gtx 660, and my resolution is 1680x1050, but back when I had this problem it didn't go higher than 1280x1024. The adapter I used was literally just a random dvi to vga adapter I bought off of ebay for one euro, nothing fancy... If you have another adapter laying around in your house, or can borrow one for some time, you could find out if it is the adapter or something different. I'm not sure how well HD4000 should work, as I didn't use my built in graphics card, but my geforce gtx 660.
  5. BrianH

    Weird resolution problem

    Both adapters were - or better should have been - the same. I bought one off of ebay and one came with my graphics card, one of those adapters was just broken. How do you connect your monitor to your pc?
  6. No I'm not using a pirated copy. It's basically the same problem as in this thread, just that I'm already using clover: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/293013-unable-to-upgrade-iwork-and-aperture-on-hackintosh/
  7. So I wanted to update iWork through the appstore, which gave me the message: This update is not available for this Apple ID either because it was bought by a different user or the item was refunded or cancelled. At the time I was using Chimera and read online that it is a bootloader related issue and that updating should work with Clover, so I successfully switched to Clover. But even now I get the same message when trying to update iWork. Any advice?
  8. Thats what I did, but it didn't work. Looks like my problem was that I am dualbooting OSX and Windows. Solved my problem with help of the second part of post #8 in this tutorial: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/293574-beginners-guide-to-uefi-tripledual-boot-os-x-windows-and-linux-kali-on-an-single-true-gpt-ssd/
  9. hey, so I want to switch from chimera to clover on my working Yosemite installation. First of all I tried to get a working Clover USB stick so I don't mess up my system, and I got one so I thought I could just install clover to my SSD with the same settings as on my USB stick. But after installing clover, my computer just boots with chimera again. I've checked, and the clover files are in the EFI partition, so I don't know why my computer just continues booting with chimera. I've tried the following clover versions: 2953,2957 and 2941, same problem with any of them. Is anyone able to help me? Thanks
  10. BrianH

    Weird resolution problem

    The problem was that my VGA to DVI adapter didn't work right... I changed it and now it works
  11. BrianH

    Weird resolution problem

    Thank you. I will try it out, but I'm not sure how it should fix my resolution problem Lets see Edit: Didn't change anything
  12. BrianH

    Weird resolution problem

    Would MacPro 5,1 be better? Or should I switch to some iMac version? If yes, which one would you recommend?
  13. BrianH

    Weird resolution problem

    Can't you see the screenshot? I can see it perfectly at the bottom of my post... I am just going to attach the image. I am using my GTX Card, so I don't feel a need to get the Intel HD Card working, I was just writing it as an info. Or is it necessary to get this card working too, so my resolution is also working right? QE/CI is also enabled. But if my resolution is wrong, then why does everything look like it's the right resolution? As I said, only games and videos/streams aren't shown in the right resolution. This seems pretty weird to me. Thanks for the answer.
  14. Hey, I got my hackintosh (almost) completely running, it just freezes when I put a USB Stick/external HDD in my front USB 3 ports and I got a problem with my resolution. So my monitors resolution is 1680x1050, but in system preferences I can only change it to 1280x1024 (or some lower resolutions). The weird thing: Running my system with 1280x1024 looks just fine, as the resolution was the right one, the only situations I realize the resolution is wrong is when watching videos or streams in full screen or playing games. I tried to use SwitchResX to change it to 1680x1050, but then my monitor would turn black and show an error that the resolution is wrong, but it's the same resolution as it should be. Also, when booting with GraphicsMode=1680x1050 or GraphicsMode=1680x1050x32 nothing changes. My Graphics card is also perfectly recognized by my hackintosh (as seen in the screenshot, I'm sorry my system is running in german). I am currently running 10.9.1. My monitor is connected to my dvi port at the PC, since my monitor only has a VGA cable I use a VGA to DVI adapter. When I plug my monitor into the VGA port I can only use my onboard Intel HD 4000, and have to change my BIOS to Onboard Graphics instead of PCI Express E.
  15. I can't boot from a usb 2 port, when I insert my USB Stick in a usb 2 port it isn't recognized, I can only boot rom it if I insert it in a USB 3 port. Edit: I experimented a bit... and when I tried booting from USB 2, I tried two different ports... looks like both of them don't work right, I just tried a 3rd one and it boots from the USB stick. But I have another problem: After booting with -v I get a wall of text (like it should be when booting in verbose mode) but then the text dissapears, and it shows me the screen with the apple logo (like the one you get when you boot without bootflags) but it doesn't happen anything, there is not even a moving circle below the apple like there should be, so it doesn't do anything..