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  1. Lenovo G570 - Issues after booting

    I was able to install everything... is working fine now with 10.7.0... i just bought a new Core I3 2310M with IntelHD3000 on it.. so i can have proper graphics. i will upload my guide as soon as i finish it
  2. Lenovo G570 - Issues after booting

    Hi Husaber, no i didn't... but i am about to try it... i am just finishing a fresh install It didnt solve the issue but i was able no notice something... i saw some error on bootcache and login.playlist ... i tryed to boot from usb stick with graphicsenabler=no and i was able to reach the new user screen... i am going to give a try and install chameleon...
  3. Lenovo G570 - Issues after booting

    hi, thanks but this will no help... is not my first time on Hackintosh, i had a Aspire 5737z full working, i spent almost 8 moths just to get sound work at the time (what was fixed on the release of VoodooHDA 0.2.6), my MSI GT683R is running Lion without any problems, had to edit nvda kexts to get hdmi, but is working.... this is not a installation problem anyway, my only problem is just at boot time. i can override it by using safemode but even so I lose hardware acceleration. It's a sandy bridge chipset, Intel Pentium dual-core B970
  4. Hello everyone I am trying to install Lion OSX on my new Lenovo G570 Dual-core. I already tried almost every guide i could find and i still have issues with this... i am using 10.7 usb bootable pen built with tonymac ######. i am able to install Lion and boot it if i use verbose and safe mode, other wise it will boot but i get a blank(white) screen and the mouse pointer. this laptop as a Intel HD2000. by the way when i boot Lion in safemode i get full resolution. Any help is welcomed.. i am trying to put together a guide for this. thanks,
  5. Aspire 5737Z - Working with SnowLeopard 10.6

    :) :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D Great NEWS Aspire 5737z User i've got sound full working without noise... and working after sleep I've used an DSDT (courtesy of oldnapalm - Obrigado amigo, embora ainda nao tenhamos falado:) ) and a new version of voodooHDA. VoodooHDA.kext.zip Kext_Helper_b7.app.zip DSDTSE_1.app.zip dsdt.aml.zip install dsdt with dsdtse, remove applehda.kext from extension folder and install voodoohda with kext helper reboot and your done i'm using a fresh retail installation using empire efi and myHack1.1 for bootloader and snow 10.6.4
  6. Aspire 5737Z - Working with SnowLeopard 10.6

    Hi, mr_Dellay nice to hear about it, i've been to busy to track solutions , but i got news about the wireless i have my original wlan card working out-of-the-box .... i will post the kexts you need to delete and the one you need to replace with the original from snow disk, i will post the needed kexts for some one u don't have it i will gonna test you kexts i will send you the ddst as well:)
  7. Aspire 5737Z - Working with SnowLeopard 10.6

    hi i'm back again with, what i hope to be, good news i'm working on the audio using dsdt and applehda patched ... i'm hoping to get an alpha version by the end of the month
  8. 9400m g

    usei a versao mbr k circula por ai e o bootcd 123, vou fazer um guia sobre como instalar o snow no 5737z... desde ja digo k andei um mes a tentar instala-lo ate k arranjei maneira
  9. 9400m g

    boas tenho o mesmo modelo e ja fiz de tudo ate editei kexts para ver se funcava... a soloção foi simples instalei o snow leopard e funciona as mil maravilhas ve aqui http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=201365 abraço
  10. Aspire 5737Z - Working with SnowLeopard 10.6

    as crazy as it sounds i never figured out the dsdt thing for my laptop, everything is working without dsdt patches.... i got some kexts from kexts.com that work just fine. sleep: http://www.kexts.com/view/146-sleepenabler...sx_10.6.2).html i've changed my cpu from T6400 to T8100 i've now virtualization on it the link dosen't have the kext for the lan card.... Can you send me the dump you have? i will send you my messenger mail so we can talk on msn if you like... cheers
  11. Aspire 5737Z - Working with SnowLeopard 10.6

    sorry people i been away to long from this forum, i'm a computer tech so as you can imagine i've a lot of work and sometimes i have little time for my things I got the Wireless working by switching it from another one i'm using now a broadcom wireless card, the sound is still working (not very well) with VoodooHDA . . . i'm tring to mod it to suite this sound card. and for the ones who want to know how i got graphics i will tell you the smae thing as mr_Dellay said you can go to kexts.com and download it. and mr_Dellay if you can share the ethernet card it will be greate.... i will post some kexts i used for the hardware i have and you right my find has a MacBook Pro and the hardware is the same.. the only difrence is that i just paid 440€ for my pc and he paid 1599€ hehehehehehehhehe
  12. Aspire 5737Z - Working with SnowLeopard 10.6

    the audio is an alc888 the kext to make it work is here http://www.kexts.com/view/169-voodoohda_10.6_(86-64).html hope it helps
  13. Aspire 5737Z - Working with SnowLeopard 10.6

    i have all hardware working exept Ethernet. I have 9400M G full working with quartz extreme, I had to change the wireless card, its working now with a broadcom BCM4212 wireless card. the sound is working with VoodooHDA but i have some noise on it, i'm tring to fix it..... i'm running creative suite 3 on it along with some games like Age Of Empires 3 and Need for speed most wanted, Warcraft 3 and its running as expected, nice graphics and fast there's its like a real mac..... i'm trying is to make a bootable install dvd with the kexts ready for a future aspire installation.... almost forgot, time machine is working good as well i have Snow leopard and Windows Seven on it the dual boot work perfect. i have the last chameleon installed on it... if you can help me with something it will be apriciated.... i will post some print screens here is the printscreens 1.tiff 2.tiff 3.tiff 4.tiff
  14. hi guys... i've tried all 10.5.x distros avaliable to get my 5737z working with all hardware supported, now i get it with an 10.6.0 distro with some mods to get trackpad and keybord work without the need of a usb keyboard.... i'm working now in the audio and the ethernet.... after that i will try to put the atheros card working... if someone knows something about a working kext for BCM5764M ethenet card i will apriciate that... i will release a dmg for aspire 5737z soon... its a restore image cause i haven't figured out how to make a install DVD with that kext... but if some one knows i will give it all cheers