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  1. It doesn't look like it. I've got a Lion VM that I've just tried to do the same with and I can't get to the host shares on it either. It's the same for the other computers on the network though....from the Lion VM I can see and access them fine. Maybe it's just a VMware thing?
  2. Absolutely. The host PC shows up immediately on my GF's Laptop (Win7 X32 Home Edition) and I can copy files to/from the shares on the host without problems. I also have a PC set up as a media share box (Win7 X32 Ultimate Edition) which can also see and access the host shares without issues.
  3. UPDATE: Looks like this actually works, but take an inordinate amount of time to boot up after the update is applied. It took around 20mins to boot when I just left it sitting there while I did something else on the host. After the initial extended boot time, it boots normally.
  4. I fired up my Mountain Lion VM this morning and found a 'Security Update' that said it would be automatically applied after 3 days when the computer is restarted. So, I opted to just install it now. Fortunately I took a snapshot before I clicked go. Now, when I start the VM, it gets stuck on the Apple logo and the spinning 'please wait' indicator. Any ideas? If there's no fix for this, is there a way to stop it from installing this update automatically upon restart then? Cheers, MrBonk
  5. Hi folks, I've just finished installing Mountain Lion on VMware 8. I'm trying to access the shared folders on the host (Win7 X64) but it just keeps telling me 'connection failed'. If I choose the 'Connect As...' button, it then goes on to tell me that there was a problem connecting to the server. The server may not exist etc. However, I'm able to connect to other shared folders on other machines on my network just fine. The setups on the other machines are the same as on my host machine, so I'm not really sure what I've done wrong there. From the Mountain Lion VM, I can even see other VMs on this host (Win8 and WinXP) and access their shared folders....just not on the physical host machine. I can ping the IP address of the host successfully too. Help?
  6. I realise I'm dredging up an old topic, but I just wanted to offer my thanks for the information in this thread. I've been pulling my hair out for a couple of days, trying to figure out why I couldn't get Lion to boot in VMware 8 and I came across this post with the CPU mask info. I added it to the config file and hey presto, it works My setup, just in case someone else in the same boat comes across this thread: VMware: Workstation 8.0.0 build 471780 Host OS: Windows 7 X64 Host CPU: Intel I7 3770K Mac OS: Lion (using the 'Mac OS X Lion Bootable.vmdk (For VMWare) file) I used the 'unlocker' files to access the Mac OS guest OS in VMWare, then I created the VM as a 'custom', choosing a single CPU with 4 cores and a main SCSI HDD of 40GB. Then I added the bootable .vmdk as a second SCSI HDD. I powered the VM on to BIOS, chose the bootable .vmdk drive and away it went. Fantastic work guys on the CPU mask stuff . Much appreciated!