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  1. [AMD] 10.7.3 Guide - Experimental Only

    -helllo man , ----use another fakesmc kext (try a 32bit kext and 64bit also )---- i think your KP is related to fakeSMC device but i am not sure ..... you can also : -try the maxmem=1024 or maxmem=2048 flag -try another new 64 bit amd kernel (update 3 from osx86.net ......) you do not need to replace the 64bit finder app , but the 32 bit finder from dp2 also work -boot first with arch=i386 and if it boot test with arch=x86_64 -if it not boot test with only one RAM SLOT ( 2gb only ) remove all others -remove all atapi devices for the test if you have (dvd , cd , hdd .....) -make sure you have set HDD as ahci mode -try another boot loader (chimera ......) , try to boot with another graphic card (if you have another pciEXPRESS old card) I HOPE YOU HAVE SNOW LEO ON ANOTHER sata or usb DISC / or PARTITION ,with this you can make modifications (kexts , kernels, org.boot file ,etc.....) on your lion EASLY you can also use single mode terminal but it's more difficult (google is your friend ) use my hack 3.1 to apply permissions repair on your 10.7.X install after each kexts modifications (s/l/e and extra ) my hack is the best , you can repair permissions from 10.6 to your 10.7 partition but this program do not want to run in safe mode ...... GOOD LUCK MAN , YOU CAN DO THIS MAN !
  2. [AMD] 10.7.3 Guide - Experimental Only

    HELLO ! take this , and try it , but make sure you repair permissions in S-L-E ( use "myhack 3.1" to do this ...) io 10.7.4.zip
  3. [AMD] 10.7.3 Guide - Experimental Only

    hello , there is no kernel for all amd cpu's (athlon x2 ...x3 ...) only for some amd fx bulldozer versions ... but try to install xcode 32 bit version , you can also produce 64 bit content and executables with the 32 bits version...
  4. [AMD] 10.7.3 Guide - Experimental Only

    i resolve the boot stuck at ntfs v3.1 with adding -f flag , i boot with -f -v -legacy arch=i386 npci=0x3000 AND I DISABLE XPCHELPER CACHING with a program maked by " jeaton2012 " (google it ) verify in the console if xpchelper disabled , if not , redisable it again , and reboot make sure you have repaired permissions with kext utility or myhack3.1 before rebooting , if you not able to boot with Kernel v6 in 10.7.4 , change/verify your boot loader and your graphics kexts ( try with -x flag ?) it can resolve ...... but i am not sure .....good luck ! important : before install 10.7.4 direct try install 10.7.2 and verify if you have the same errors .....issues .... personaly i prefer install 10.7.2 and update to 10.7.4 (just replace finder and kernel , revert iostorage family kext if needed and remodify/reinstall some graphics kexts if you have) AMD IS EXPERIMENTAL , the best way is to have 3 partitions : leopard , lion1 , lion 2 , if you do some errors you can always rescue with another partition ...and you can update and change files easly.........;;
  5. [AMD] 10.7.3 Guide - Experimental Only

    you can not replace or rename it because it used by the system , if you want to replace the original 64bit finder.app , you may do this from your windows partition with a HFS partition access software , or from an existing leopard partition , it recommended to have a leopard 10.6.X installed if you want to install lion on amd with iatkos l2 method ( you can see and manage your lion partition ) , or you can test to install directly the distribution "OSX INDO" it contain finder DP2 and multiple amd kernels in the insatallation customization ..
  6. [AMD] 10.7.3 Guide - Experimental Only

    if you do not see hdd drives in desktop make sure you have checked this in finder preferences menu , if you run lion in a virtualizer system it can be more unstable and lags , prefer a native system install ! good luck , the system work nice for me ( in 32 bits mode off course ...)
  7. feel like helping me make an Lion AMD install disk?

    you can test osx indo lion , google it , with this distribution you can choose many amd kernels and the finder dp2 on install customization
  8. [AMD] 10.7.3 Guide - Experimental Only

    if you install iatkos l2 make sure you have selected your ahci driver in installation customisation , and i think you need to update your system to 10.7.4 if you want to use this kernel with no errors , if you use 10.7.2 or 10.7.3 you may use olders kernels (v4 ..)
  9. [AMD] 10.7.3 Guide - Experimental Only

    DEXTRUCTOR: Since is experimental this kernel I have some unstable applications and other issues. I'll update to 10.7.4 later and post the results. success update to 10.7.4 , i just use the last kernel from rawX86 based on brovozka kernel (9.6 MB) (and replaced the finder with dp2 !!!), almost perfect , the only big problem is for playing flash and streaming movies on web (html5 works better but bugs subsist ) , all web players crashes after 10 seconds when i remove the sound kexts (no sound device) , and it work with very very slow frame rate with sound enabled (i have QE/CI OK) , no flash problems on snow leo 10.6.8 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EDIT: big problem resolved , the streaming is due to bad permissions off a sound settings folder (library/pref/audio) (this bad permissions make AudioMidisetup.App not responding ... ) this is a sound issue !!!!!!! and the problem appear on the video very strange .......BUT FIXED !
  10. [AMD] 10.7.3 Guide - Experimental Only

    hello i think this is not a good idea if you want to update to 10.7.4 , it's not worked for me , and i have to reinstall !!!!! edit : update 1074 work only with the last bronzovka kernel for me , with olders versions off kernels (v4, v5 ...) i have kext loading fails
  11. [AMD] 10.7.3 Guide - Experimental Only

    disk utility repair permissions can work , but this is an original apple tool , i think the permissions settings (x----r---w---w......) are only optimized for a real mac , "kext wizard" it's good tool for repair also , YOU MUST create a chameleon boot disk on usb key , if you have internet on your leopard , use the program "chameleon wizard" to install the last boot loader on your HFS journalized formated usb key , i have maked my boot key with this , and it worked , see the iatkos l2 thread (on web ) how to. but if you have cham. r1730 no gui it can boot , i never tested , if it boot no need to install in lion partition for me: 1 : i installed the last chameleon in lion partition 2: i have reinstalled my leopard chameleon on leo partition (more old realease off chameleon but it active full QE/CI with no bugs) 3: i use the usb key with the last chameleon if i want to boot in lion , if i remove it , the system boot direct to SL 10.6.8
  12. [AMD] 10.7.3 Guide - Experimental Only

    HELLO , put all off your kext (ata support and more ) in S/L/E do not use E/E for loading kexts , (remove kexts from EXTRA ) , and repair permissions with MYhack with your leopard partition .** also use the last chameleon boot loader , download and install it on your lion partition or more safely in your usb key with chameleon wizard **