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  1. Don't know about safe boot yet. What I did was the following: I deleted the kext you mentioned. Then again I set permissions (using chmod -R 755 ****then the volume***), then I used chown -R root:wheel ***then the volume***. Finally touch **** the volume***. Also I added NullCPUPowerManagement.kext. By then starting from clover with the add kext-option I could install Mac OS X. However, my USB 3 was not recognized, so I took out the Clover USB and put my keyboard and mouse in that USB port. In the end the installer gave an error. Then I did a reboot, and I could see the partition I made for my mac OS X install and I could see the windows partition from my clover USB. Meaning both were installed as (U)EFI. However, Mac OS X is not loading. It stops with macx_swapon SUCCES EDIT: tried holding the shift key when booting mac os x, but I think it does not register or so? Because I don't get into safe mode... Now using Macdrive to perform all the steps of the first post after installation failed... Which means deleting all unneccessary kexts. What I kept were all the kexts from the 10.8.2 image from mackyreddy + the gefore kexts** + ioavb** + iowmi** +NVD*** + NVS**** + Jmicron*** kexts - AppleIntel*** kexts (except the Powermanagement ones). Still it is stuck on the same line... If I use NullCPUPowerManagement.kext then it continues until I see a blank screen and the mouse/pointer is working and after some time changes into the round "loading" type... I have attached the logs from the private/var/log directory, maybe someone can help me, because I am completely stuck Update: Okay... I tried another Clover build (the latest) on my USB, but it did not show the mac os operating system. Therefore I reverted to the old clover build, but this one didn't boot anymore and made my pc boot directly into windows 8. Also my CMOS seems to be corrupted, because pressing FN+F2 during boot does not enter BIOS setup. Entering windows 8 still works. Strange things... After a reflash of the BIOS it worked again (also bootin Clover from USB). Update2: Ended up installing iatkos_L2 on my formatted GPT partition (legacy boot) which worked out of the box, also my clover USB nicely show this install. Don't know what went wrong with the ML build, going to sleep now. log.rar
  2. Permission is set to read-only. Caches in S/L are emptied (folder structure kept intact). I use mackyreddy's A.19 DSDT (from the 10.8.2 kext pack). Not the one with Nvidea off, since I have the 3D screen and I need the Nvidea drivers. That's also why I didn't delete all NV*.ketxs and Geforece*.kexts, because I need them, right?
  3. Thank you TimeWalker75a for pointing out this thread. And thank you dmazar for the nomouse version of clover. I can confirm that UEFI booting windows 8 from the nomouse version of clover works for me. Both windows 8 and the Mac OS X installer are bootable from my clover USB stick. Next step will be to install clover to my hard disk, but before I want to install Mac OS X correctly in UEFI. I am now struggling to make the OS X install correctly (I think I copied some wrong kext or forgot to delete some). After that I will follow dmazars guide for installing clover on my hdd
  4. Works like a charm! Thank you so much! Only still some problems when trying to install mac os, probably unrelated to the UEFI booting... Last lines read: NVDAGF100Hal loaded and registered ACPI_SMC_Platform Pluging -waiting for Apple SMC Ethernet address (Realtek RTL81xx) - 62:xx:xx:Xx:xx (mac adress) Then a long break and then: Watiting for DSMOS... And then it hangs...
  5. Dumb question... If I do mackyreddy's guide from the first post, should I also delete the NVDAGF100Hal.kexts? I ask this, because I have the GT555m with 3D... For best performance I think I need them, right? But how do I inject the device ID into the kext? Oh, and can I just take the applications from your 10.8.2 build and place them in the folder "applications" on my usb to get them? Because my version of the installESD comes without them.. One more question, what is the DellSynapticsTouchpad.pkg and what does it do? Installing kexts should also work, right? EDIT: What I tried: 1. Create Clover USB using brabbelbla's guide. Boot into clover. Works! Just to clarify for myself: I didn't place a S/L/E folder with extension on this USB drive, right? Only on the Mac OS install drive... 2. Create bootable USB from mackyreddy's release and replace OSInstall with the one from my original 10.8.2 dmg so that I can install on a GPT disk. Also replaced SSDT files with the ones for my CPU (QM 2670). Didn't work! 2.1 It is not possible to boot into verbose mode with Clover, is it? 2.2 I also miss the Installation folder in System in mackyreddy's release? 3. Boot into my windows 8 EFI installation by using clover. Didn't work! I see a windows 8 "message" (which is actually a light blue screen which tells me that my pc will restart and then automatically restore the error) What I will try next: Create bootable USB drive with my original 10.8.2 installation.
  6. Great guide! But to register on projectosx.com (for EmuVariableRuntimeDxe.efi) one is required to pass a sanity test which is nearly impossible. Oh, and I think also the packages from BaseSystem.dmg should be copied to you USB drive, right? Don't we need the other drivers? HFSPlusX64.efi, OsxFatBinaryDrv.efi, OsxAptioFixDrv.efi (from the post on projectosx.com too)
  7. Nice. I will work it out from here! Thank you for the hint. Seems to me that installing and configuring clover is of comparable difficulty as chameleon, so normally I should be able to work it out I still have issues with the FN-F2 button combo, and being not able to install the quickset in windows 8... Could this have something to do with booting from uefi? I don't think so, right? I now tried reinstalling windows 8 and installing another bios (L702X_A19_generic_Unlocked_Menus_&_updated_cpu_microcode)... Both to no avail. Am i the only one with this issue? Was halfway downloading the micro OS X 8, but will start with the new one mackyreddy Huge thanks!
  8. Strange... Enter key is not working when replying to your post 8-) But I know how to get into safe mode That is not the problem. The problem is to install the quickset in safe mode... But I will uninstall the Accelerometer and report back! UPDATE: After uninstalling the ST Accelerometer driver and rebooting, the laptop still freezes when trying to install Dell Quickset... Also when pressing FN+F2, the laptop still freezes <br> I'am wondering if you could write a guide for the people that are booting from the UEFI instead of the old lagacy BIOS? That should be different, right? I would like to have both mac os x and windows 8 on the same SSD
  9. This is getting wierd... Installed the custom bios from TimeWalker75a, set UEFI boot on enabled (disabled legacy)... Installed WIndows 8 on a GPT - NFTS disk, installed chipset and video, wifi etc... Then tried to install Dell Quickset (3 different, windows 8 compatible versions) and the whole laptop freezes during installation! Also when I press Fn + F2 (for wireless).. the laptop freezes! I tried safe boot, but the the windows installer is not loaded, so I can't install the quickset then... I have no idea where it comes from, please help (although I know it is offtopic, by first installing windows 8 on GPT I hope to get a better hackintosh/windows dual boot)
  10. I know for sure that it works, at leat the 1600 Mhz option! not sure about the other one (1866Mhz?)
  11. I love you guys! The custom bios is really a quantum jump in hackingtoshing the XPS17! I now want to do a clean install with windows 8 and mac os x 10.8.3. But I read somewhere that doing a clean windows 8 install with A19 (stock) can brick the XPS 17... Does the same happens with the 19 custom bios? Should I be carefull, or is all well currently? Furthermore, waiting for your new guide, mackyreddy! The previous one was my first encouter with the hackintosh scène and it was really helpfull! And thank you TimeWalker75a, I already had the modded custom rom from the other site (notebookcheck I believe?), but this one is hackintosh proof and so a better fit for me!
  12. @all Thanks for all the usefull posts! I have been reading all the pages of this topic as I'm trying to convert my Dell XPS 17 (i7 2670, 16GB ram (4x4GB), 512GB SSD (bay 1) + 500 GB HDD (bay 2), full hd 3D screen, nvidia GT 555m 3GB, bios A17!) into a hackintosh! Before the start I had only a windows 7 on the SSD. So I took 100GB of that disk and used it for my macOS. Next to Windows 7 (C:) and MacOS (F:) also a partition with 102 MB (OEM partition?) and a partition with Recovery (+/- 20GB NTFS) are present on the SSD. The HDD is just for backup. I had at first (for a try) done the full guide, knowing that it might cause issues because of the different screen. It worked quite well (I had to remember again al the diskpart commands and other "flagging" tricks, which included making a windows 7 restore CD to boot again to windows 7). Then I installed the A17 DSDT from this topic, and the 10.7.4 Dell EXPS 15 17 LX702x Kexts and everything still was ok. However, after trying to install about ten different version of Chameleon in ten different ways, I couldn't create a bootloader and I had to start everytime from the DVD, then press f8, and then MacOs... So I tried EasyBCD 2.1.2... Which does show me three options now (Windows 7, mac os (mbr), and mac os(gui)), but the latter two don't work. However, I persisted and went to the step "update to 10.7.4 using de combo update package" and all the other steps (such as deleting kexts etc.) without restarting... Of course I got problems, such as KP's, likely because I deleted the kexts needed for the Nvidia card... Also after this process, before enabling GE, all graphic were really slow, so I enabled it in the bootloader, giving me even more KP's So now I started again by formatting the Mac OS partition on the 512GB SSD of bay 1 to hfs+ journalled en installing macOS from the DVD (iatkos L2). The next step that I took was to copy iatkos L2 from within MacOS to a 16GB usb drive, to speed the process of installing up for the next time. This is where I am now (typing it from my windows 7 installation, however I could have used mac OS, as ethernet works). I have in my folder "requirements" the following files and don't know what to install and what not with my system.. * 10.7.4 Dell EXPS 15 17 LX702x Kexts * A.12 DSDT * A.17 DSDT * Chameleon install 1806 (from windows, has a Chameleon.exe inside) * Chameleon wizard.app * Extension Screenshots * Chameleon_2.0_RC5_r755_Lion.pkg * EasyBCD 2.1.2.exe (nice, free tool, but for me it didn't work... really don't understand why this boatloader shizzle is not working for me..) * Lx02XLion_V1.1.zip (I have the idea that for my purposes the 10.7.4 Dell EXPS 15 17 LX702x Kexts is better, because it has a seperate folder for 2670, right?) * SSDT 2670 QM.rar (only one SSDT, normally there are also SSDT-1, SSDT-2, and SSDT-3, inside right? Why?) * VoodooHDA-2.7.3.pkg (for fixing sound, didn't work at first try...) * XPS 17 3D Core i7 DSDT (no idea which bios version, picked it somewhere from this forum, but I thought the 3D DSDT might be different then the non-3D one, so I grabbed it) That said, actually I just want that bootloader to work. And maybe some hint how to continue. I had for example a quite good working stetup somewhere in the process, battery percentage worked, graphics were ok, (launchpad loaded not stripe by stripe but at once), but sound didn't work, and the screen didn't go off (backlight stayed on, and some artifact where the mouse pointer was before). Please don't be too harsh for my noobish questions, it is just quite a lot of information to grasp... I also looked into the tonymacx86 forum, but this one is much nicer, and I got the feeling that that one isn't updated anymore.. (I couldn't find for example a good guide, or the A17 DSDT.. or which kexts to install/don't delete for the nvidia card) Oh, one last thing: I didn't take the extra RAM out, but still it worked quite well, is that because I have four slots (with the 3D screen) opposed to two?