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    X-TRiAL got a reaction from pippobla in Installing fresh 10.8.5 via Clover   
    I have used Clover for a while now and I did have 10.8.4 installed along with Kubuntu and Win8, on a triple boot which was working fine. I then updated Clover and started to get a message popping up when logging in, saying that OS X did not shutdown correctly. I think that this was a Clover problem as I've cleaned that partition and no longer have 10.8 installed but upon booting 10.9 (which I now have installed) I still get this error message saying OS X did not shutdown correctly. It points to a log which then shows which kernel version, it says 10.8.4 (I no longer have this installed) so not sure what is going on there, all I can think of is its a Clover issue. 
    Anyways bit off topic there... I'm trying to install 10.8.5 now from a fresh USB as I couldn't install 10.8.3. The reason I couldn't install 10.8.3 is because on the second stage of installing (after the reboot) it would just hang, I would get the OS X GUI with a progress bar that will go on forever. My system is not loading or anything at this stage (but the mouse moves) which comes to conclude that its not installing. When I reboot back into 10.9 and check that partition to see if anything has been changed, the only difference is that I now have install files which were inserted upon stage 1 of the install. 
    So with 10.8.5 I'm getting the same issues and quite frankly can't install 10.8... 
    When installing 10.9 it works fine with no issues, but on the DP it doesn't have 2 stages where the system reboots. 
    Does anyone know what I can do or why it keeps hanging? 
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    X-TRiAL reacted to holyfield in Pattern of MLB (Main Logic Board)   
    Pattern of MLB (Main Logic Board) serial
    Alert: If you are seeking for some quick single click iMessage fix, this is not about that at all.. This research digs a much deeper, it's about an aspect of building computer, which is able to run properly OS X. This post is purely educational. Understanding of this subject also requires knowledge of some basics of ICT. This topic isn't for sure for Windows dumb user, who wants some sort of OS X single click installations. For single click solutions buy a genuine Mac.

    Since Apple has made several changes on services, hardware identification becomes more and more important. For proper activation is needed a valid stable device. Device serial numbers, various hardware id's etc are part of identification and authentication. 
    Just for clarity. Abbreviation MLB is shortened form of phrase Main Logic Board, which is a hardware part (motherboard).  Abbreviation MLB is used by custom comp builders community also as Serial ID of Main Logic Board, which is an identification code of single unique hardware part. In this post MLB can refer to both, serial id of main logic board or main logic board itself. So, pay attention to the context when your read this post.
    MLB as hardware part id (barcode), is used by various services on OS X based comp, especially on Yosemite. So, you don't need only a good serial number in your SMBIOS settings, but also a good MLB, which matches logically (not by letter) your serial number. 
    It's obvious at this point, that proper serial number isn't enough anymore. You need a good combination of serial number, MLB, etc. Those values should remain persistent. 
    If someone told you, that MLB and serial number aren't related, you couldn't relay on this information, as MLB and serial number are logically related with each another. Probably I don't have to remind you - system serial number reveals your system model. Probably you haven't heard that MLB reveals exact model of your system Main Logic Board (hardware part) too. 
    The Genesis of Apple computer ID's
    You can think about Serial Number as an "external id" and MLB as an "internal id". Computers are built from inside out. For first main board, then other parts and finally gets boxed. Serial Number reveals entire product box (comp, device) sold to the customer, MLB reveals the main hardware part inside of this product. Serial Number and MLB are like two puzzle pieces from same unique puzzle. MLB tells even more about your hardware than a serial number. Mac device gets first the MLB id and later the Serial Number. So MLB is the primary identification for Mac hardware before it's assembled completely for selling!!!! Also Apple repair services have who forgot sometimes to burn Serial Number back to the new replacement logic board. Logic boards come from factory without Serial Number.

    Below is the genesis of genuine Mac comp ID's.

    Main Logic Board ID -> Serial Number So, your MLB ID is born before the Serial Number! 
    Based on that I recommend to start from generating system and hardware id's in this order:
    MLB Serial ROM/MAC address System Serial If you have chosen too complicated option for your system serial, you might have a trouble when generating properly matching MLB. 
    Before you read forward, keep in mind, I'm not a hardware engineer, so I'm not familiar with all specifics related to computer hardware.
    Pay attention - 2 different patterns!
    General pattern for system serials (barcode) is the same:
    Manufacturing location | Year | Week | Production number of given week | Model ID
    Apple uses 2 different main patterns for serials (product serial, hardware part serial etc) now. Before Apple used 11 char serials for product and 13 char for MLB. Later Apple started to use a new standard to fit needs of increased production. Product serial length is 12 chars (Barcode Code 128) and MLB 17chars. Old serials have a bit common pattern for both, products and hardware parts and new ones have also a common pattern.
    Below is the difference of 11 and 12 char system serials:
    11 chrs serial: PPYWWSSSCCC 12 chrs serial: PPPYWSSSCCCC MLB's pattern/length was also upgraded when system serials become updated. Thats why there are 13 and 17 char MLB's available.
    For new pattern Apple has modified the "Y" component to include a letter code instead of a number, and the new system will reflect in that code not only the year of manufacture, but also whether it was manufactured in the first or second half of the year. The new week format utilizes one of 27 alphanumeric characters to denote the week of manufacture, beginning with 1-9 and moving on to letters, omitting 0, vowels A, E, I, O, and U, as well as B, S, and Z. Because the 27 possible characters can not account for all of the weeks in the year, the "W" component must be paired with the "Y" component to determine whether the machine was manufactured in the first or second half of the year, with the "W" codes recycling every six months. 
    System serials and hardware ids are serving various logistical purposes (barcode). They should be easy to use by barcode reader and should be easy to decipher with simple regular expressions (regex). Its wise to use common general pattern everywhere. So, it's obvious that some pattern might occur for both, system serials and hardware part ids.
    About 13 char MLB
    Perhaps someone can complement my research about 13 char MLB. As you see below, there is a certain pattern hidden in MLB. I have found this pattern first  after examination of approx. 50 MLB's and is conformed by additional research later. Based on this pattern MLB is easily reversible. Name your MLB and I'm able to tell to you to which Mac model it belongs, where and when made, and so on. It's not a random string.
    ID - Manufacturing location?  (Defined in Apple database,)  Year of manufacturing: 2011 Week on manufacturing (01-52) Production number, within this week (base-36???) ID - Model of hardware part (Defined in Apple database) Please note, it's easy interpret wrongly this pattern, as it has similarities with 11char serial.. Some are guessing that they can use serial number parts for MLB. It's not true. Manufacturing location and model id's aren't shared between serial number and MLB. Definitions in serial number aren't valid for MLB. Do not try to use serial number location or model ids for MLB, those aren't valid. MLB uses its own definitions.
    If you have any additional or more adequate information about this pattern, please let me know!
     * * *
    About 17char MLB's
    17 char MLB is a bit harder to decipher. I have found this pattern after examination of approx. 10 MLB's. 
    I suspect that Apple is using a new system for year and week identification for 17 char MLB. I guess that YW pattern occurs in 17char MLBs, but location is shifted and there is only one char used for week. 

    I don't have enough data to decipher the 17char MLB pattern yet. You are welcome to help.
     * * *
    Apple collects data about you and your hardware
    Don't fool yourself! You need proper and matching hardware id's for your custom built comp. If you are trying to use any of Apple's online services, Apple collects some data about you and your hardware. You couldn't make a fake Apple ID as it goes trough credit card validation. So, banks are doing identifying of persons for Apple. Using someones credit card and personal data without a proper legal authorisation is criminal activity on most western countries.
    For second, Apple collects data about you hardware. For example all your devices a listed on iCloud or on another appropriate support pages. Below is screenshot of iCloud Settings page, where all devices, from which you have accessed the service. On certain cases Apple checks for System Serial, on some cases for ROM/MLB pair etc. Your hardware should match on MLB and Serial Number to avoid any too obvious suspicious behaviour.
    How to slice a MLB?
    13 char MLB should be sliced as shown below.
    XX X XX XXXX XXXX The last part of 13 char MLB can be sliced additionally this way, where XXX is EEE code.
    XXX X .
    17char (still a rough guess)
    XXX X X XXXXXX XXXXXX The last part of 17 char MLB can be sliced additionally this way, where XXXX is EEE code.
    XXXX XX You are welcome to support this research. Thank You!
     * * *
    How to setup MLB
    For first, pay attention: getting a good combination of serial, MLB and ROM etc is an exact science. Do not try to guess or randomly generate those values. Invalid values will cause a head-heck and if you are trying to use some Apple services, you get banned for those services soon or later, especially iMessage and FaceTime. Your system serial and MLB are sent to Apple! MLB and system serial should match logically. Do not contact Apple's support in any case, even if you have this kind alert. You are not eligible for Apple support with custom built computer.

    Please note also, you couldn't just  convert Serial Number into MLB. You can bake a MLB, but you couldn't convert Serial Number directly into MLB. Do not try. Similarity is confusing, MLB and serial number are sharing only overall barcode pattern. Serial number is good point from where to start, thats obvious, as MLB and serial should have logical match, but not match by letter. You couldn't use MacPro logic board on MacBook, it's obvious and super easy to check by Apple. So, pieces of puzzle should fit with each another.
    I guess it's smart to use similar production time with system, just set MLB production time up to 6 months earlier of system production time. Production number is easy to calculate. Trickiest parts are the beginning and the end as there is no easily accessible public info avilable about these parts for MLB.

    The best option to inject proper values into your system, is to use Clover boot-loader, which injects all those values properly.
    An option to setup MLB is to open your Clover configuration file with text editor and add/edit appropriate values. Second option is to use some GUI for editing Clover configuration file. Read Clover Wiki for more details. Below is an screenshot how to setup MLB with Clover Configurator.
    Serial Number should be a good one to imitate Apple's hardware and also should be appropriate to your system. MLB should be either 13 chars or 17 chars and match the appropriate pattern. Also hardware model info in MLB should be logically adequate to your system defined in Serial Number. ROM part is defined in SmUUID and should be 12 chars  and match the Apple's MAC address standard, otherwise illegal. Do not use any random UUID generator for this purpose, for example uuidgen on Mac OS X. Validate your ROM part of SMUUID before usage with Apple ROM validator. If motherboard manufacturer supports flashing comp MAC addresses, you can also try to rewrite original MAC addresses with valid Apple type MAC addresses. On this scenario value is taken directly from hardware. Flashing of MAC address is also the most bullet proof option to keep ROM value unchanged. Read about flashing on this post: Flashing Mac Address.
    Important note. For Clover use for all values UPPER CASE letters. I got a huge head heck with iMessage/FaceTime by using lowercase values.
    Note, If your serial is 11 chars, it's recommended to use 13 chars MLB. If you are using 12 chars Serial Number, you should use 17char MLB. It's not the 100% rule, but somewhere between 2007-2010 Apple started to use a new pattern for identification numbers (product serial, hardware serials etc).

    iCloud / iMessage / FaceTime errors
    Apple provides 44 different online services for his customers. Most of these require some sort of identification/authentication. Before signing into any Apple's services from custom built comp, think twice. And after that, think twice again! Are you Apple's customer at all? Do you have any genuine Apple device, which grants access to Apple's services? If yes, it's a bit up to you from where you access these services, from your custom built mac or from iDevice or from iCloud webpage etc. Whatever you do, do not attack Apple or anyone else!
    NB! Most of iMessage Fixing guides available on Internet are invalid today. Be very careful!
    If you got error shown below on your custom made comp, I do not recommend  contact Apple support.

    This error isn't authentication related at all! It's related to hardware identification, usually related to an invalid ROM/MLB combination.
    Error shown above on custom made comp indicates usually that all of these ids or some of these are invalid: System Serial Number, Main Logic Board Serial (MLB), ROM. Apple is trying to protect users from spying/fraud etc. This error means that Apple suspects some sort of dangerous activity. So, they want to protect their customers privacy, etc.
    To check that your Apple ID is fine: login into your comp as Guest and try to log in into iMessages. If you see something like below, it's 100% hardware identification issue.Your Apple ID is fine, but Apple doesn't like your hardware.

    Any custom comp builder, who is trying to access Apples services with invalid serial, MLB or ROM, gonna have some sort of trouble. Most of services require a valid system serial. System serial should match appropriate pattern. The same applies to MLB, which should match the MLB pattern. Some services require both, the proper MLB and ROM. If you have a good serial and proper MLB, you still might have trouble, if your ROM is invalid and doesn't match MAC address standards. Also you need properly configured network card. 
    All those values should be persistent. Do not use any randomly generated values if you want access Apple's services. Same values should be injected on each reboot / wake.
    Some users have tried to use genuine MLB/ROM values extracted from some another Mac. If you reuse these values, yo mightu put yourself into huge risk, which might end by terminating your Apples account. So be careful, do not steal those from someone.
    A lot of users have followed misleading instructions by using random values. It's exact science how to generate those values. Several standards are involved into Serial Number, MLB and ROM generation. If you miss something, you have an invalid value, which is unable to bypass Apples validation. You need a good combination of MLB/ROM/serial, which doesn't violate related standards! Do your science, don't relay on guesswork. Building a custom built comp, which runs an OS X, is a branch of computer science, not a some kind dumb-users Windows installation.

    Serial validation: genuine mac and self generated serial
    Conclusion and alert
    When you are building you own custom hardware based OS X comp, you have to generate a VALID COMBINATION of serial number, MLB, ROM etc. Hardware combination (system model and hardware part) should match in serial number and MLB. The best boot loader to get job done properly, to inject those values into OS X memory, is Clover. Forgot xBeast / Chimera installers. Do not use Chimera. Once again do not Chimera. TonyMac will sued soon by Apple too. Do not try to sign into any Apple's services before you have made a rock solid combination of serial number and hardware id's. 
    MLB, ROM and Serial etc for your custom made comp should be globally unique values and match appropriate Apple's pattern. MLB and Serial should have logical match. Make sure that your system serial does not belong to anyone else! Those values should be used only in one single computer, nowhere else.
    Do not share your comp serial numbers, hardware ID's etc with anyone who you don't trust 100%. Do not post it any public forum, blog etc. Don't share it with your friends, colleagues etc.
    Some old news too

    I thank everybody who have helped me and still helping me on this research. Thank you for your contribution.
    Related tools
    Apple MAC Hack
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    X-TRiAL reacted to heryts in How to Solve Imessage Login Problem   
    Yosemite iMessage change their system
    I think its time to register your own apple id with your own mlb and rom
    I did contact apple support to activate my friend mlb and rom with my apple id on yosemite
    And the result is, that i can login imesage with his value, but still, my friend cant login imessage, its asking him to contact apple support
    And when i try my another apple id, i can't login i message, which asking me to contact apple support
    see picture below
    3 apple id with one success that i registered by contact apple support and two failed (contact apple support)
    which didn't happen when i shared my MLB and ROM value for the first time,
    i decided to share because i tested with 3 different apple id, and i still can login without any issue,
    but now its change, i can't login with different apple id
    so Conclusion is
    One apple id for One MLB and ROM
    though you still can share your MLB and ROM
    but still you have to call apple support to activate your apple id with that MLB and ROM value
    so there is nothing i can share now

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    X-TRiAL reacted to heryts in How to Solve Imessage Login Problem   
    page 1 edited with new mlb and rom
    mlb 77777777-7777-7777-7777-777777777777
    rom 7777777777777777
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    X-TRiAL reacted to toleda in Mavericks AppleHDA HDMI Audio   
    Use HD3000/AMI-EFI-HD3000-6_series patch
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    X-TRiAL reacted to HUSABER in Apple break iMessage on 10.9.2...   
    Hi everybody hackintosher's
    Me need litlle help for this issue ,i used imessages app 2 weak ago without problem's on 10.9.2
    This morning imessages surprise me....... with this dialog.....
    Your Apple ID "========@gmail.com" can't be used to set up iMessage at this time.
    If this is a new Apple ID, you do not need to create another one. To use this Apple ID with iMessage, contact iMessage support with the code below.
    Any sugestion?and help?
    Many thanks..
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    X-TRiAL reacted to CosmosCJ in hey,share a very cool clover theme and chameleon theme , hope you guys love it   
    Hey, everybody, i' am new in this community. Usually i just hanging around in Chinese forum, but somehow i wanna know much more friends , so i just share a clover theme, Mavs Style, a minimal style of OS X Mavericks. The theme i have been shared to my Chinese friends for a couple of weeks, they said nothing but good. So let's take a look what the heck i am talking about:

    Obviously, this theme use the Mavericks log in Wallpaper as background, and the apple logo also. Several days ago, i saw a chameleon theme here,
    the mavs theme, which drew my interests to imitate the same style of Mavericks icons. Thanks for @Enzo, inspiring me to do so.
    Every icon above, was made by myself which took me a couple of days. The letter stands for the operating system, such as ''8'' , which stands for windows 8. Letter ''8'' is filled by the default wallpaper of windows 8.1, the yellow wallpaper. By default vol icns will be transparent, if you want the vol icns, check out the Alternative folder, just replace the vol icns works fine.
    Well here is my clover theme, hope you guys love it.
    Mavs Style.zip......High resolution Recommended(Higher than 1600*900)
    Mavs Style small.zip.......Low resolution Recommeded(Lower than 1600*900)
    Download link:

    BTW, i wanna to change the font of clover , but i can not find the Helvetica Neue LT Pro font bitmap, i am wondering how the font bitmap was created in clover , i try to create by myself ,but it look so ugly. i hope @blackosx can tell me how to do the trick or is there any font bitmap template for me to do so?
    (PS: i am a Chinese, sorry about my break English, hop you guys can understand what i am talking about, tks)
    hope you guys love it, leave me a comment, please
    Well, @Edwin_3930K asked me to create a chameleon theme with mavs style. Here you get the shot. hhaaaaa



    Ha, that's Mavs Style theme for chameleon. The icons size is 150*150, which you be look pretty nice on most of monitors, By Default ,the wallpaper is 1080p,and i made different high resolution wallpapers for 16:9, 16:10, 4:3, just download , and replace the Background.png, you are ready to rock.
    download link:

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    X-TRiAL reacted to p.H in FaceTime can sign in but not actually connecting   
    Don't use the same address.
    Lets say, FT in your iPhone uses only the phone number. While FT on your hack uses only the appleid (ie email address). It should work now.
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    X-TRiAL reacted to Slice in Clover General discussion   
    Artifacts with HD3000 are related to speedstep, to p- and c- states. If you disable them then artifacts will gone. SMCping just maintain system in higher state.
    But I have no test machine to understand what is the exact reason and I can't help you to find the best solution.
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    X-TRiAL reacted to PoisonApple666 in OS X 10.10 Traffic Appearing Already!   
    Not wasting any time!!!!!
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    X-TRiAL reacted to toleda in Mavericks AppleHDA HDMI Audio   
    Mavericks: HDMI Audio - AppleHDA  - Deprecated
    Mavericks/solutions/support, see El Capitan AppleHDA HDMI Audio
    Most audio codecs/Most graphics systems
    Mavericks HDMI audio is supported on Intel HD3K/HD4K/HD4600, AMD HD5xxx/HD6xxx/HD7xxx, Nvidia 4xx/5xx/6xx/7xx, Intel/AMD and Intel/Nvidia graphics configurations. This guide provides the files and instructions for enabling native AppleHDA.kext HDMI audio.
    Change Log
    v2.1 - 8/20/2014 - Limited 9 Series HDMI Audio Support
    v2 - 8/20/2014 - v2 Mavericks HDMI Audio Guides
    v1.2 - 7/14/2014 - 10.9.4 AppleHDA HDMI Audio Support Available
    v1.1 - 3/5/2014 - Clover HDMI audio
    v1.0 - 10/23/13 - Mavericks Release Update: 10.9.4 requires new AppleHDA patch for OS X Haswell/HD4600 HDMI audio. The v2 patch supports 10.9 and newer. Credit TimeWalker75a
    Chameleon:  audio_hdmi_8series/audio_hdmi_hd4600-hda-90_v2_patch.command Clover: See audio_CloverHDMI/config-hdmi_hd4600-92_v2.plist Mavericks/New Feature
    AMD HD7xxx HDMI audio support Supported OS X releases
    Mavericks: 10.9 and newer v2 Mavericks HDMI Audio Guides 
    Select the matching processor graphics/motherboard series Note: AMD/Nvidia HDMI audio is installed with every Desktop configuration v2 Mavericks dsdt/ssdt HDMI audio
    HD4600/9 Series/8 Series [Guide]_HD4600-hdmi_audio_(dsdt_or_ssdt)_v2.pdf.zip
    Limited 9 Series Support HD4000/7 Series/6 Series [Guide]_HD4000-hdmi_audio_(dsdt_or_ssdt)_v2.pdf.zip HD3000/7 Series/6 Series [Guide]_HD3000-hdmi_audio_(dsdt_or_ssdt)_v2.pdf.zip 5 Series/X58/X79 [Guide]_5series-hdmi_audio_(dsdt)_v2.pdf.zip Discrete Graphics [Guide]_AMD-hdmi_audio_v2.pdf.zip [Guide]_Nvidia-hdmi_audio_v2.pdf.zip Bootloader HDMI audio
    All: Clover with dsdt/ssdt from above audio_CloverHDMI HD4000/HD3000/Chameleon Use LayoutID=3 Nvidia(1st 2 ports only)/Chameleon Use LayoutID=1 or 2 Hints
    HD2000/HD2500/HD4400 (Desktop) not supported Downloads: Click link, Click View Raw. Problem Reporting, see [Guide]...pdf Requirements
    S/L/E/AppleHDA.kext Native S/L/E/AppleHDA.kext/No onboard audio Clean OS X install/AppleHDA.kext OS X Combo Update/AppleHDA.kext extraction does not work Realtek ALC AppleHDA.kext (885, 887, 888, 889, 892, 898, 1150) Any patched Mavericks AppleHDA_v2.5.2 and newer Graphics Intel HD Graphics (1st generation and prior, not supported) HD5K/HD4600 (Azul framebuffer and AppleHDA edits required, patches available, see 1. 8 Series HDMI Audio, below) HD4K (Capri framebuffer edits may be required, see 2. UEFI HDMI Audio) HD3K (SNB framebuffer edits may be required, see 4. HD3000/6 Series HDMI Audio) AMD HD5xxx/HD6xxx/HD7xxx AppleHDAController and AMD50000Controller/MD60000Controller/MD60000Controller edits may be required, see Editing custom personalities for ATI Radeon HD[45]xxx - ATi - InsanelyMac Forum Nvidia 4xx/5xx/6xx/7xx GTS450, GTX550ti, GTX 560ti not supported natively Intel Motherboards 8 Series - Z87, H87, B85 7 Series - Z77, H77, B75 6 Series - Z68, P67, H67, H61 5 Series - P55, H55 Before You Start
    OS X does not provide HDMI audio controls (No volume, no mute, no balance, etc.) The connected HDMI device (TV, receiver, etc.) provides any and all audio control Remove S/L/E/HDAEnabler1.kext or S/L/E/HDAEnabler2.kext (if present) Remove any property-type injection (Extra/org.chameleon.Boot.plist, Clover/config.plist) Tools
    MaciASL http://maciasl.sourceforge.net/ DCPIManager http://sourceforge.net/projects/dpcimanager/ IORegistryExplorer (IOReg) - Note: current version saves corrupt files. Select View Raw audio_ALCInjection/IORegistryExplorer_v2.1.zip at master · toleda/audio_ALCInjection Problem Reporting (post to this thread with requested infomation attached)
    Description of HDMI audio problem OS X version/motherboard model/BIOS version/processor/graphics Procedure/Guide Used Copy of IOReg or IOJones IORegistryExplorer_v2.1.zip (View Raw) IOJones Chameleon Extra/org.chameleon.Boot.plist DPCIManager/Misc/Boot Log Extra/dsdt.aml (if installed)  Extra/ssdt.aml (if installed) Clover EFI/Clover/config.plist EFI/Clover/misc/debug.log (Set config.plist/Boot/Debug/YES) EFI/Clover/ACPI/Patched/dsdt.aml (if installed)  EFI/Clover/ACPI/Patched/ssdt.aml (if installed)  
    PikeRAlpha Haswell HDAU solution | Pike's Universum
    bcc9 http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/top...ort/?p=1934889, Post #11
    VCH888: ALC889A, Gigabyte (Intel): now having a working front mic - Page 38 - Sound - InsanelyMac Forum
    TimeWalker75a Post #118, Intel HD Graphics 4600 (Haswell) working displayport
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    X-TRiAL got a reaction from RobertoBenzi in Aspire One A150 Triple Boot (Windows 7, Lubuntu, Snow Leopard) issues   
    First of all I would try to stay away from distributions, they install a load of unwanted/unneeded software. (obviously your choice though)
    I have Quad-boot working on my Acer with Windows 8, Kubuntu 13.04, ML 10.8.4, & Mavericks 10.9. 
    The best way to get a working system is to reformat your whole drive and use a GPT and stay away from the MBR. 
    For me I use Clover which I find is far superior, does your system support (U)EFI? Because then you could install all your operating systems via UEFI (like me). 
    When I partitioned my HDD, I used GParted off of a Linux OS USB, to try and avoid my HDD becoming a Hybrid disk. 
    I opened GParted and formatted to a GPT, with 7 Partitions they were: 
         1:                        EFI EFI                     209.7 MB FAT32    2:       Microsoft Basic Data Windows 8               78.6 GB NTFS    3:       Microsoft Basic Data Linux                    59.1 GB     EXT4    4:                 Linux Swap SWAP                      8.6 GB     SWAP    5:       Microsoft Basic Data Data                    338.2 GB   ExFAT    6:                  Apple_HFS Mac HD                  79.9 GB     HFS+    7:                  Apple_HFS Time Machine            47.9 GB    HFS+ The reason I didn't use OS X Disk Utility is because it likes to create Hybrid MBR/GPT disks. Not a problem if you don't mind having that, but for me I wanted a Pure GPT setup to run all OS via UEFI. 
    First I installed Windows 8/7 I used a ISO image a restored it to a USB drive to make it install UEFI, I used this tool.
    Then I installed Linux via USB drive using the same tool. When installing Linux you have to select 'Something Different' and set the swap to the created partition and put the boot loader on the EFI partition. 
    After I installed OS X via Clover from a USB. 
    Operating systems were installed this way to retain the Pure GPT. 
    I know you said it would be a pain to do a format of your drive, but if you can do it, I would advise it to make your HDD GPT.
    When I installed OS X from Clover I only needed 2 kexts which were FakeSMC.kext (mandatory for all hacks) and VoodooPS2Controller.kext (for my trackpad and keyboard). 
    OS X would then boot without any other kexts, however I had to add more to get the functionality of battery, wifi, audio, ethernet maybe a few more. 
    That is one of the advantages of Clover, its the easiest way to install OS X over Chameleon. 
    You said you wanted a shared FAT32 partition, that only supports files up to 4GB, thats why I used ExFAT which all operating systems recognise and can read and write off. 
    Also, why are you going to install Snow Leopard, I feel that Mountain Lion has the most compatibility so far. 
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    X-TRiAL reacted to fau7i in Clover General discussion   
    Just to share my setup which is working until today. I installed Clover in EFI partition that contains Windows loader. Rename EFI/Microsoft/Boot/bootmgfw.efi as bootmgfw-orig.efi. Next move CLOVERX64.efi here and rename it as bootmgfw.efi.
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    X-TRiAL reacted to shiecldk in Overclock graphic card with Clover   
    Firstly, we need to know our GPU clock. For example, my ASUS EAH6850 is running at 790MHz.
    Secondly, convert 79000 to hex, which is 0x13498. While in the vbios, it's actually 98 34 01.
    If I want to get a 850MHz clock, I gonna convert 85000 to hex, which is 0x14C08 and 08 4c 01 in vbios.
    Last, use Clover's PatchVBiosBytes to find 98 34 01 and replace it with 08 4c 01. And all done!
    Unfortunately, I'm not able to boot my current Windows 8 with Clover now.
    But I'm guessing simply reinstall graphic driver or Windows could bypass the problem. Because I'm able to boot Windows Install DVD through Clover.
    These are the results to prove it works  :
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    X-TRiAL got a reaction from chris1111 in Clover General discussion   
    You are right it is now different, but for what you want (choosing what options to have for installation) it will be more or less the same. 
    For UEFI Booting select the following: 
    - Install for UEFI motherboards
    - Install Clover in the ESP
    - Themes >
    - - - Black_Green
    - Drivers64UEFI >
    - - - 1st) select none
    - - - 2nd) If not boot then select, OsxLowMemFixDrv-64.efi
    - - - 3rd) If not boot then select, OsxAptioFixDrv-64.efi (Do not use with OsxLowMemFixDrv-64.efi) 
    - - - 4th) If not boot then select, OsxAptioFixDrv-64.efi and EmuVariableUefi-64.efi
    - Install RC scripts on target volume
    Remember to test this first on a USB and then install after you have it working. Of course do not forget that you will you will have to create your own config.plist, even though Clover should select what options are best for you automatically. 
    Here is the link to the WIKI which should help you: http://clover-wiki.zetam.org/Home
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    X-TRiAL reacted to xpamamadeus in Clover General discussion   
    Check for hidden nvram.plist on your volumes.
    Delete this file,reboot and check again if problem solved.
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    X-TRiAL reacted to TheEnthusiast in 10.9 GM Released.   
    Finally had the chance to do a clean install, vanilla of course. Not a single challenge. 

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    X-TRiAL reacted to joe75 in Clover General discussion   
    I agree with donations and I really feel like you deserve them, I'm surprised you don't have many more.. But trying to sell it or get a subscription based service is absurd IMHO.
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    X-TRiAL reacted to joe75 in Clover General discussion   
    Not charge me for boot loader plz!
    Look around! People don't even pay for macs or their os around here! You think someone is going to buy a boot manager?   
    Sounds like something tonymac would do 
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    X-TRiAL reacted to RehabMan in [Success] HP ProBook 4x30s 4x40s   
    I can reproduce the same effect.  And it is not specifc to Safari as it also happens in Chrome.  I guess Apple has removed some filtering they used to do in IOHIPointing base class (or some other layer of the input system).  If Apple doesn't fix it, I'll have to filter out (throw away) small movements inside the driver.  We'll see what happens...
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    X-TRiAL reacted to AsusFreak in Easy Build - Asus Gryphon - Rocks!   
    This is probably the easiest Hack's I've done yet. Using Clover (UEFI Boot) to dual boot DP5 and 10.8.5 with no real problems. Rather than fight with 892 audio I used VoodooHDA v2.8.4 and it works fine. FakeSMC in HWSensors 5.2.755  fixed the "console spam" I was seeing in Mavericks (many thanks to dev}... Sleep and wake both work fine, speedstep needs some work as I only get the low and turbo p-states [ 8 35 36 37 38 39 41 42 ] but that's fine for now. I have not patched the bios as Clover AsusAICPUPM works fine on this board.
    From a performance standpoint, I'm seeing 12% to 15% increase from my 3770K build at stock, 4.2, and 4.5. Maybe that's not enough to justify a new build but still nice to see. 
    Have a minor issue with Clover, the Installer fails to complete in DP5, of course it works fine in 10.8.5. I'm guessing that as we get closer to GM Slice and his great crew will fix this easily.
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    It is probably only for UK users, not sure if you are from US or other. 
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    X-TRiAL got a reaction from maxdubois in Application to watch TV on the iPhone   
    I believe they have an app.
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    X-TRiAL reacted to shiecldk in Clover General discussion   
    If you are using a laptop with none-OC CPU/MB, I think PLL is already disabled.
    PS. Just found out if I set Internal PLL Overvoltage to enable, it would never wake up. Set to Auto is the best option for me so far, unless someone told me how to make my keyboard available with PLL off.    
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    X-TRiAL got a reaction from Maniac10 in Permanently Banned From Tonymacx86   
    For advising someone to use Clover or myHack 
    Love the way they think everyone should use "their" products...