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  1. [HELP] install lion on external hard drive?

    lol sorry so watz da ansa?
  2. I have searched, googled a lot of places and still this answer is a mystery. I am a total N00b but i got basic knowledge of hackintoshing. So my question lies her CAN I INSTALL MAC OSX LION ON AN EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE (NOT FROM I SAID ON the hard disk ) ???? This question will help others also who wanna find the answer pls help!!
  3. DSDT 4096 Compile Error Help!

    i didnt understand any thing there man.. i dont want proper sleep on the laptop just want it to boot as i always use the power cord.. and want the usb to work fine!! please help man what patches should i apply and is there an autopatcher??
  4. DSDT 4096 Compile Error Help!

    Thanx Buddy.. But my laptop doesn't boot could you please patch it and add relevant patches pls pls thanx !!
  5. DSDT 4096 Compile Error Help!

    TOSHIBA SATELLITE C640 (DSDT) LINK BELOW!!! I have a toshiba satellite c640 and i have attached my dsdt.dsl file below pls help me solve the compile error or pls compile it for me pls pls i got the various kext to get it working but i need a proper dsdt. Also FYI my dsdt is not modified dis is the extracted dsdt.dsl from dsdtse DSDT.dsl : https://www.dropbox....2tqeom/dsdt.dsl Please help me as this can help others with a toshiba satellite c640 or other models