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  1. Samsung Q430-11 DSDT Help

    Hey, I am sorry but this is still not working. But somehow the battery life was increased, before applying any change to dsdt, I had 2:13 (or something like that) battery life, after the first dsdt I had 1:20. Now (second dsdt) I have 2:00. The brightness controls still the same as before. Thanks for all your hardwork .
  2. Samsung Q430-11 DSDT Help

    Of course! , here it's, let me know me if you need anything else. Thanks http://www.mediafire.com/?dwzcdv6nz3740hf
  3. Samsung Q430-11 DSDT Help

    Hey dude, if you have any problem or question about my Specs let me know please, maybe I can help in someway. Thank you.
  4. Samsung Q430-11 DSDT Help

    That was what I was talking about, I can't use neither the function keys for brightness (these just dont work, but is weird because the sound controls works good) nor the system preferences function to change brightness (no brightness controls there, dont appear). The function keys that dont work are up (fn + up) and down arrows, while the left (fn + left) and right work for sound control, I dont know if this help somehow I guess any information could be useful. I am quite embarrased to ask, but, what did you mean by your first question? I used an application called M.ulti.beast 3.10.1 to install the DSDT you attached, I think this might be the answer, but if not let me know. I will check your blog for some things that I don't have really clear. Thanks for your work dude.
  5. Samsung Q430-11 DSDT Help

    Well, now I have sleep function (when closing lid) working, this was really important for me because I run out of battery pretty fast and I cant have my laptop on all the time, thanks for all the work you've done dude . Now, about the brightness controls, well that is still not working.
  6. Samsung Q430-11 DSDT Help

    Thank you so much! I was starting to think I would never had my DSDT fixed and those functions working. Youre amazing dude. Thank you again.
  7. Samsung Q430-11 DSDT Help

    I'm a new to all this DSDT thing, I need help for editing my DSDT (I can use guides from here or others forums) to fix some malfunctions. I have the following problems: 1) Brightness controls don't show up anywhere. No action from the FN+Up/Down. 2) Sleep Function dont work, so I cant close the lid or use sleep to save some energy I've also Legacy USB enabled, internal LAN disabled. And tried these Sleepenabler but it just dont work, it gives me KP once. Please help me I dont know what to edit, I have downloaded DSDTSE. I am asking for help here because I saw another topic where a user had the same problem and he got his problems fixed with help from other user. I've the same Laptop so I think it must be kinda easy to fix this. You can check the topic here: http://www.insanelym...howtopic=257063 I think i could merge some things from the fixed DSDT to mine, but Im not really sure if this works that way. My DSDT with no changes http://www.mediafire...lbprppxwax5vruz After compilation i get this message (just the bottom) Compilation complete. 0 Errors, 2 Warnings, 36 Remarks, 10 Optimizations I am using Snow Leopard 10.6.7 btw, sorry if something is unreadable, english isnt my native language. My Specs are Samsung Q430-11 Core i5 450M 4GB DDR3 1333MHz RAM nVidia GeForce 310M