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  1. Dell D420 Bible

    Hi, here's the link of my plist. Dell D420/D430 2 fingerscroll
  2. Dell D420 Bible

    Hi I finally made my touchpad working with ALPS Glidepad driver! I just follow this guide. You guys can try my customized com.apple.driver.ApplePS2Trackpad.plist below, the trick is adjust all the setting under "SynapticsPreferences" yes not under AlpsPreferences follow this guide on what propeties to adjust. What's working Tapping Tap and drag Scrolling(Horizontal and Vertical) What's not Pointing stick Included in this package are the ALPS Installer, FFScrollDaemon and my customized plist. Mediafire link Good Luck!
  3. DSDT Patcher

    I'm on Boot 132+Chameleon EFI, I used Chameleon installer and replace Chameleon BOOT with DFE BOOT file. I got it working removed CPUDisabler inside /Extra/Extensions add DSDT.aml at root reboot no HPET error with CPUPowerManagement. Do I need to replace DFE BOOT file at root with Chameleon.diff? Intel ACPI Component Architecture ASL Optimizing Compiler version 20080926 [Oct 4 2008] Copyright © 2000 - 2008 Intel Corporation Supports ACPI Specification Revision 3.0a ./dsdt_fixed.txt 997: Method (_WED, 1, NotSerialized) Warning 1087 - ^ Not all control paths return a value (_WED) ./dsdt_fixed.txt 997: Method (_WED, 1, NotSerialized) Warning 1080 - ^ Reserved method must return a value (_WED) ./dsdt_fixed.txt 1355: Method (WMCA, 3, NotSerialized) Warning 1087 - ^ Not all control paths return a value (WMCA) ./dsdt_fixed.txt 1490: Method (WMCB, 3, NotSerialized) Warning 1087 - ^ Not all control paths return a value (WMCB) ./dsdt_fixed.txt 1548: Method (WMCD, 3, NotSerialized) Warning 1087 - ^ Not all control paths return a value (WMCD) ./dsdt_fixed.txt 1718: Method (WMCE, 3, NotSerialized) Warning 1087 - ^ Not all control paths return a value (WMCE) ./dsdt_fixed.txt 2158: Method (WMCF, 3, NotSerialized) Warning 1087 - ^ Not all control paths return a value (WMCF) ASL Input: ./dsdt_fixed.txt - 7595 lines, 262569 bytes, 2950 keywords AML Output: ././dsdt.aml - 28430 bytes, 709 named objects, 2241 executable opcodes Compilation complete. 0 Errors, 7 Warnings, 0 Remarks, 892 Optimizations I have 7 warnings are those okay? Why is my Internal LCD going crazy it flickers turn white then move left to right? Thanks in advance
  4. Chameleon with DSDT override

    Sorry for being noob but how do I install this? I'm on Boot-132 + Chameleon EFI using CPUdisabler to by pass CPUpowermanagemet. Thaks in advance.
  5. AppleHDA ALC268 Shutdown Issues [SOLVED!]

    Check this...
  6. AppleHDA ALC268 Shutdown Issues [SOLVED!]

    So you mean even using the alc268installer from taruga it doesn't have mic? 100% you have different nodeid for mic. Try making a linux codec dump check there the correct nodeid for Mic and edit the info plist.
  7. AppleHDA ALC268 Shutdown Issues [SOLVED!]

    If that so stick to the ALC268Installer that works(Audio Input/Output and shutdown) on your hack. Most laptops with ALC268 chip that are patched by taruga's ALC268installer do have shutdown issue. Lucky you. Hi Did you try lowering the volume of External Mic?
  8. AppleHDA ALC268 Shutdown Issues [SOLVED!]

    Maybe your audio have a different nodeid. If you can only provide the kext that works on your hack, we might fix the shutdown issue.
  9. AppleHDA ALC268 Shutdown Issues [SOLVED!]

    Shutdown is the issue of taruga's alc268Installers. That why those kexts at my sig were born. Anyway you can try the kext with external mic, be sure to delete the extension.mkext and do a repair permission using Disk Utlity, of course after using kexthelper to intall the kext. by the way you're using hdaenabler right?
  10. AppleHDA ALC268 Shutdown Issues [SOLVED!]

    You install the kext without External Mic then patched it with taruga's Alc268Installer2. That kext should have a working internal mic even with out the taruga's actually it supposed to work(audio/input/output) without a patch. Does Autosensing or Auto switch from Internal Speaker to Headphone works after the patch? and also does Internal Mic works after the patch?
  11. AppleHDA ALC268 Shutdown Issues [SOLVED!]

    Try deleting the extension.mkext and repair permission using disk utility.
  12. AppleHDA ALC268 Shutdown Issues [SOLVED!]

    Try the ALC268 without External Mic, link is on my sig.
  13. AppleHDA ALC268 Shutdown Issues [SOLVED!]

    I don't know if that can be done, you also need to load HDAEnabler.
  14. New ALC861VD ALC268 ALC660/660VD

    I'm glad that one of those kext works on your hack. I'll check the mute issue on my free time. Need to meet some deadlines. Regards.
  15. Dell Inspiron Mini 9 ?

    Hi to all Dell Mini 9 Users. I'm thinking of getting one, I have a few questions. 1. How long is the battery life? -on OSX 2. Can you guys control the brightness of the screen using the FN+(Function) key? -on OSX 3. Is it hot? -on OSX Thank you in Advance.