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    [GUIDE] Retail Snow Leopard Install on Asus EeePC 1000HE

    Just one more thing. I checked in Windows XP: 1. the CPU type, which is a N280 (in 10.6.2 still "Processor 1.67 GHz Unknown"); 2. the video ram, which is about 256 MByte, as reported by dxdiag output (64 MByte "shared" in "About this Mac"-->"More info"-->"Graphics/Display", deviceid=0x27ae revision ID=0x0003). Question 1: is there any way to let mac os see all the video ram, as it is for other graphic adapters? I come to having updated mac os software, with the exception of 10.6.3 upgrade. At system reboot the 1000HE embedded trackpad mouse does not function anymore; the keyboard is ok. I tried to install the bluetooth mouse I have for the i-Mac, and it works fine (without the Bluetooth fixing kext). Question 2: Is there any way to reactivate the mouse? (Let me explain ... The trackpad works in the sense that if I hit the surface, the mouse pointer goes immediately on the left side, and the gadgets appear. Anytime I try to move the cursor rightwards, the gadgets desappear and reappear immediately, so that one has no control over the mouse pointer). Please help.
  2. hoenstaufen

    [GUIDE] Retail Snow Leopard Install on Asus EeePC 1000HE

    Hi everybody I'm joining the happy 1000HE group. After having followed MoonDogg's splendid guide, eventually I succeeded installing SL 10.6.2 on my sister's 1000HE, 1Gbyte RAM, probably a european one, because bought in Italy. I tried the very first time modifying the kexts, plist, dsdt, and other files I used to assembly my EX58 Power Mac (now 10.6.3), with the ones I found on the net, including yours. It worked, but I had minor issues, such as microphone, and poor audio, so that I tried using different procedures. I must say that yours, MoonDogg, is certainly the best one. Only, I still have my microphone non working, even tho I installed VoodoHDAprefpane. I followed literally your guide, with the exception of IOBluetoothFamily.kext which I did not install, because the WiFi was perfectly functioning, and my sister does not really need bluetooth (and mainly because I experienced problems on wifi on my previous install tentative). At the first start-up, the audio was not functioning. I did not change anything, installed AttansicL1eEthernet.kext and rebooted. I checked the LAN was now ok and WiFi still OK, then replaced the Extensions.mkext with the one compatible with 10.6.2, installed the combo update, and after rebooting into 10.6.2 the audio is there. Then I re-installed VoodoHDAprefpane, but microphone is still out of work. As you can see I need your help. Please do it.
  3. Hi. After many failing tentatives, I succeeded in installing Snow Leopard on my EX58-UD5 motherboard (low cost GAINWARD GTX 275 graphic adapter driving the full 1920x1080x32 pxls of HD TV Monitor) following your guide. After the first system boot I had all working, with the exception of ALC889A sound and a minor issues to the keyboard (in the sense that I am obliged to use both a PS2 and a USB keyboard, and both a PS2 and USB mouse: the PS2 device DO NOT work in Snow Leopard, but are generally requested to change the boot drive at system boot; the USB keyboard needs sometimes to be disconnected and reconnected). After the automatic system update to 10.6.1 I had no ethernet connection: the Realtek 8111D was not functioning anymore. I solved this issues by using the RTGMac_v2.0.3 found here in the forum. Unfortunately, still no sound, after having tried to use the Kext Utility app with several kext combination found: HDAEnabler, LegacyHDAController, LegacyHDAPlatformDriver, ALC889A.Fix, etcetera). Does somebody have a good suggestion, procedure, and what else needed, to give a solution to the lack of sound (I also tried OSXTools with a dump from Linux Fedora, but maybe with the wrong procedure)?