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  1. UnOfficial Dell Inspiron 6000 Thread

    Hi Guys. I'm new here and the site is great. I need some help though. I've been having some issues with my install. I am using the JaS 10.4.8 SSE2 SSE3 install on DVD. I am doing a clean install with OS X being the only OS on my drive. When I boot from the DVD drive, I get a bunch of text that shows up (like it is running a bunch of system checks) instead of spinning apple screen shots I have seen. This "system check" takes a while to get to the OS installer. When I get to to installer, I pick my options, and start the install. Right after the install scripts start, the install fails due to errors with no explanation. I have tried many variations to the options i picked with no luck. Has anyone else seen this? Any ideas how to work around this? Could my install file be courrupt? My Machine: 1.6 GHZ 1 GB RAM 533 MHz Intel 2200 bg Bluetooth Nvida 128MB 1200x800 resolution Thanks!