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  1. Thanks, but i guess that i need solve a extra folder. I've tried copy it from usb to my hard disk and modify botloader with chrome wizard by your post. Hackitosh wont run sice this modification. Why?
  2. Dont know why, but altrough i chose to instalchameleon on hd after hackintosh instalation, i cant see the extra folder (i have unihiddet hidden files)
  3. . Ive tried Arturs tutorial with chameleon wizard, but hackintosh wont boot since that. I gues that is problem with extra folder. I havent it on hackintosh disk, but only on usb and i have something like apple.plist not chameleon (i cant remember exact name).
  4. Update Pretty strange thing. Ive tried to connect by remote desktop and it works! Resolution is set to 1680x1050x32 just i like wanted and its detcted my card and monitor (Samusng 223BW) corectly. But why that monitor gives me an error? Ive tried set to lower resolution but nothing hapens.
  5. Thanks, I've tried your method but when I restart system, monitor gives me an ressolution error (You are using unsuported ressolution). I've tried set 1680x1050x32 by command, but it doesn't work. Why?
  6. How to install ktext? It belongs to hackintosh folder or on my usb?
  7. Hello, I've installed OS X Lion 10.7.4 by this guide. Everthing is fine, but I can't get working sound and network. Bellow are my specs, I gues that is not a big deal. I have also ATi 4850, I've heard about some issues with this card in Hackitosh, but some peoples get fully working this card. My specs: MSi P67A-C45 motherboard, Core i5 2500k, ATi 4850, 4GB RAM Soundcard is integrated Realtek ALC892 and Network card is integrated Realtek 8111E
  8. Thanks for reply. Where I can find /Extra? Sorry, I'm newbie.
  9. Hello, I have problem with instalation Mountain Lion DP1 based on this tutorial. I'm doing everything just like in tutorial, but when I'm booting from flash drive, it gives me a "Mac OS X can't be installed on this computer." error. Few moths ago I was running on Lion Hackintosh. I have MSi P67A-C45 motherboard, Core i5 2500k, ATi 4850, 4GB RAM.I haven't hackintosh machine right now, but I'm running on Lion on VMware. Should it be that problem?