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  1. Hello guys, I've been at it for a bit more than the last week but to no avail, so I finally started a topic to ask for your help. First things first, here's my system : Asus p8z77-v motherboard with 3770k proc Asus Ati 7870 2*4Go RAM (1333Mhz) one ssd and seven hdd, but the important one is the one I want to install the system onto, which is a 1.4To 7200 Western Digital, plugged in Sata 2. My goal here is to split this hdd in two partitions, one in HFS for the OsX system, and another for Data, probably in either Fat32 or exFat. The other disks are formatted differently, with another bootloader on the SSD (grub). I have at my disposal : the lion .dmg, a macbook air (with external burner), many dvd-rw and a snow leopard install dvd. And external hdds and an usb pendrive (16Go). I tried successively most of the online tutorials I could find, and finally made some progress tonight, but I'm still stuck : I managed to create a bootable pendrive with ###### + bridgeHelper, and managed after some tries to launch it using GraphicsEnabler=no -v I arrive at the install, but both the installer and the disk utility fail to notice any hdd. (I set my BIOS as recommended in all tutorials). They do manage to notice an external hardrive, and I tried installing the system on it, but the install shutdown after ~25 min with some time left, but no error message. I also tried adding the IOATAfamily kexts to the usb system, but nothing came out of it. I'm at a loss now, (I started counting the number of installs I tried but lost count after 15), and I would appreciate some help. It didn't seem to be incompatible hardware (I checked and some seemed to manage with those), but if it is, please tell me so. If you need any other info do tell. Thanks in advance Kostat