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  1. into the USB Stick , the IOATAFamily.Kext must be on S/L/E and not in E/E. I also had this problem with a friend's Dell Laptop. Don't forget to repare correctly the permissions.
  2. The missing name in SP does not come from the source changes. Those ones are just for the second controller detection. The detection of differents ICHx come from the plist files. So i think that the missing name come from elsewhere. Anyway you can have a look at the Dense wiki, he posts a long time ago my diff to the original Apple code, I put some explanations in the source codes so some of you will understand where are the problem with the original code and what i changed: http://www.mlvision.com.au/mediawiki/index...telPIIXATA.kext
  3. hum, that's something bizarre. The system take the device name from the plist and strangely here does not.
  4. Hum, that's not enough. you have to be sure that permissions are set correctly. When you add an extension in E/E i advise you to use Kext Utility that does all the job for you : repairing permissions and build the Extensions.mkext. Use of it is easy , you have just to drop your Extras/Extension folder on its Icon and it does the job. Anyway, if you simply launch Kext Utility it repair permissions and build Extensions.mkext for E/E and S/L/E. Furthermore, if you prefer to use E/E folder it is not necessary to put into it the entire IOATAFamily.kext.Just extract the AppleINtelPIIXATA from it and put it on your E/E folder. I hope this little explanations will help all of you. yours faithfully DuNe
  5. Well, you can effectively use this IOATAFamily if you have panics at boot. But that's not the case on all PC...
  6. sorry my bad, just discovers that some ich8 id are missing, i post a revision now
  7. Never see such bugs on all my config(ICH7R, ICH9R, ICH8 and ICH8R ) here and the last two ports are correctly seen on all of them. Are you sure to install the Kext correctly ???
  8. Done , look at the first page , i made a new universal 32 & 64 bits. I didn't test it in 32 bits but it works nice in 64 bits, so beta testers are welcome
  9. NEW VERSION AVAILABLE Hi Everybody ! Just a few words to announce the release of the long waited Snow Leopard 64 bits AppleIntelPIIXATA ! You Can find it on the first post as usual Again, i am sorry to have taken so long time to release it. Anyway, Enjoy ;-) DuNe Edit: Added a universal 32 & 64bits version
  10. hi all, Sorry for late reply, don't worry i will do the Snow version very soon. I was very busy this last month at home(my wife is pregnant ) and at my job, so time was missing. But now, Snow is installed on my PC so i will be able to work on the drivers.
  11. hey all, i will install Snow Leopard and will do the job , be patient !
  12. I don't know how he did ... maybe using iokit from leopard, but i don't want to do this. So my version will come when snow xnu will be available. Futhermore, i must install snow on my pc
  13. we need xnu sources(IOKIT headers exactly) to compile AppleIntelPIIXata, so we have to wait them to be able to do a Snow Leopard version.
  14. NEW 10.5.8 VERSION AVAILABLE (with ICH10 added too ) Look at First Post !! Enjoy, DuNe