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    modding pc's, psp, xboxes, and more. i find alot of passion in technology, so im always looking into how things work and how you can manipulate files to change the way things work
  1. Marvell Yukon PCI-E 8056 works?

    to whoever said you need to edit the Info.plist file in SAFE MODE was definentally right. I've been struggling to get my integrated 8056 working. It has worked in ALL of my past installs, up until now. I've reinstalled mac many of times so it was no new game to me. But when I edited the plist file and come to see it still wasn't working, I was a little skeptical. I renamed the AppleYukon2.kext to AppleYukon.kext, deleted all the other networking kexts inside of IONetworkingFamily.kext and everything, and still no dice. But I saw the suggestion for people that have EFI installed to boot into Safe Mode and edit the file there, then reboot. So I did exactly that, booted into Safe Mode, just opened the file like u normally would (That guide that uses terminal, like sudo nano stuff) and i followed that word for word, even though i've done it so many times i practially could recite it haha. But I did that, rebooted, and voila, it works!!! But before you do that, make sure its working when you boot with ((((-f)))) before you go into safe mode. otherwise, you may be wasting your time. If it doesn't work in -f, then you HAVE typed something wrong or forgot to repair permissions or something that will make the kext invalid. Other than that, you should be good to go after doing this hope that helped and thanks to whoever said that booting to Safe Mode and editing will fix it
  2. So yea title says it all. I want to update to 10.5.4 but i have AMD EFI installed and working. Specs are below. I know that I need to use the Zephyroth Updater, but will that keep my EFI working? I dont want to mess up my entire install just because i want the newest update. Thanks in advance and btw, also, after i installed EFI v8 for AMD on my pc, instead of having my partition name on the darwin BL it now says gradient.jpg :S it boots fine and the same as it did b4 EFI. jw if i should be concerned :S thnx
  3. Dell m1530 problem

    So yea, leopard ran great, but the touchpad and keyboard both stopped after first boot, they worked to setup and even worked inside the os only for the first boot. after that, they stopped working. but if u can help with that im open for it.anyway, i used the leo4all v2 disk to install. that part worked. but, b4 the install, i resized the partition of a vista 32bit install and took the remainder of it and made a mac partition. i didn't test the vista boot b4 i installed leopard. so leo installed, but vista will no longer boot. the partition is there and files are intact but i cant fix the bootloader for vista and it will no longer boot. what can i do??? btw i used acronis disk director to resize and did it with hiren's boot cd. thnx in advancehelp? pleeeeez
  4. Mac Startup Sound On Hackintosh

    Sorry to inform you, but its impossible on a non-EFI pc. That means, bios' cant support this. The sound is built into the firmware of the EFI. So you are out of luck unless you have an EFI motherboard then you could try getting it to work. But you would be on your own there
  5. Leopard Login Problems...

    I did find the culprit, it was the Aiport update, it adds a new kernel and some other junk. the only reason i was able to boot was because i put mach_922 in the com.apple.boot.plist, therefore still using my kernel. but for the logging in part, theh system.kext was corrupted and when i tried to put a working one back in i got the dreaded "you need to restart your computer" message at boot. lucky for me the Zephyroth DVD has every single driver i need (his pc is almost exactly like mine, but i have non-custom) and it installed without problems again. so i have a working system with everything working (no vanilla as it is AMD) but I will never update the airport again lol thnx for all of your help anyways tho
  6. Microsoft Fingerprint reader

    i see no chip info but this is what it says Microsoft® Fingerprint Reader: Version: 1.00 Bus Power (mA): 500 Speed: Up to 12 Mb/sec Manufacturer: Microsoft Product ID: 0x00bd Serial Number: {A7AEEEB1-6D5D-F049-B15C-BCC40822576A} Vendor ID: 0x045e any idea? its just the straight up microsoft fingerprint reader, no model no. or anything. does the above info help any?
  7. Microsoft Fingerprint reader

  8. Hi all, I have the Microsoft fingerprint reader, about a 20 dollar buy. I use it in vista and it works great! however, i wish to use it in mac os x. Don't try to tell me it won't work and that be it, if ur gonna tell me that, explain. I installed the upek software and it works but it won't find the fingerprint reader. i think its because it isn't supported. but the digitalpersona software on vista picks it up, and digitalpersona readers are supported by the upek software. can anybody help me get this working? thnx in advance
  9. I'm not going to type some really long explanation about what I believe about the text 3nigma typed up. However, put this into consideration: from the 3 possible conclusions about Jesus' life on earth, he most certainly has to be the Holy Spirit. I say this as a follower of Christ because in the Bible, there are references to God's work with many people. God helped those who were poor and those in pain or suffering. There's no doubt to that, because of the extensive stories in the Bible. So saying that he was a lunatic or a liar are both pretty much obsolete. God came through Jesus to do work on earth so that many abroad could see the power of God and realize what he did for them. If Jesus was some lunatic man or a liar, how is it that he came out of a tomb 3 days later with marks on his hands and feet from his crucifiction? Take all of what I said into consideration and you can see how we can rule out 2 of the 3 conclusions about Jesus Christ. There, thats my 2 cents...
  10. Leopard Login Problems...

    anybody? i found out that it was probably the airport update that broke my install. like i said, i can get to the login screen, but once i try to login, it kicks me back out. any fix at all? can i boot up into single user mode and remove the files associated with the update? holla baq
  11. Slow boot

    honestly i wouldn't be whining about slow boot times. imagine a 9 minute boot time. yea i've been there. luckily, a reinstall fixed mine and i boot at about 1:15 now. vista is a little bit slower. it could be related to the speed of your drives and how you have them connected, or just the motherboard. but yea, 1 minute is actually acceptable compared to my past 9 minute boot time lol
  12. Hi all, i used software update today to get the newest ilife updates along with itunes and quicktime, and also, the airport update. i didn't do the security one cuz i figured it would break my install. I let that download in install, then it said to reboot. so i rebooted, and it boots fine, loads up the login window. i click my name, put in password, and it acts like its trying to load finder. however, all i see is the dock for a few seconds, then out of the blue, screen fades into blue, then into the login screen again. its like its kicking me out almost. how can i fix this, if this is an answerable question from the info i have given you??? i have even tried safe boot and it does the same thing. thnx in advance
  13. HP 2133 Mini-Note UMPC

    honestly, i partially disagree with the 2 above me. if you look at zephyroth's install dvd, it has via chipsets which aid in making mac run. and somebody has probably already tried making a kernel compatable with via chips. so there is a start to making the mini-note run mac. it is very possible, just need more time on the streets for ppl to work with them and make all the kexts. but yea, doubtful now, likely in the future though
  14. anybody know how to fix my widescreen problem at all??? pleeeeze
  15. Hi all i have 10.5.2 installed on my AMD machine, let me tell u, the speed is sooooooo fast but i have big problem. My Marvell Yukon 8056 PCI-e Internal lan card does not work atm. I did the kext edit, except in leopard it is AppleYukon2.kext instead of AppleYukon.kext. I did the edit tho, but i have no change whatsoever, the card doesn't work. I did this last time i installed the EXACT same version on another partition, but i did a complete partiton of my hd's, and now no net. So how can i fix this eh? oh and the other thing, I know its not a biiig deal, but how would i go about fixing the boot screen being stretched? i have a 19' inch 1440x900 monitor, and the resolution is at 1280x1024 when it boots or shows the apple logo. after that, when im in the system, the system looks spectacular, and i have QE/CI working and hardware accellerated. so can u guys help a brutha out??? pleeeese lolanybody?anybody??? plz???anybody? pllllz???anybody, plllllzzz????well, i managed to get the network working lol. funny actually, a kext named skge was supposed to aid in getting my net to run, infact, as soon as i removed it, net works great now, only if i could get a widescreen 16:10 boot now, i'd fool even the smartest mac fans hahaha. any idea how to do it?