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  1. AMD Hackintosh, need help.

    I have an HP Pavillion P7-1254 that I would love to run os x on. The only thing that isn't stock is a Radeon 5770 GPU. And the 520watt dynex PSU unit.
  2. Lion Core Duo Updates

  3. iATKOS L2M Core Duo

    Hello, i'm trying to install IATKOS L2M on my MacBook Pro 1,1 Core Duo. I currently have Roaring Core Lion DP1 running. I downloaded IATKOS L2M and burned it and restored to a flashdrive under Snow Leopard. (YES, the MD5 checksum matches!) Anyone else having issues, or success?
  4. iATKOS L2M- lion for x86 computers

    before disk loads. and, let me try.. Didn't work.
  5. iATKOS L2M- lion for x86 computers

    Well, the thing is, it says it's for x86 cpus. but when I burned it and booted up from it it shows a prohibition sign.. do i need to use a bootloader and type arch=i386?
  6. iATKOS L2M- lion for x86 computers

    Gee, thanks... I AM on a Macbook Pro BTW, not a hackintosh. and x86 means 32 Bit right? whereas it would say "lion for x64 computers"
  7. iATKOS L2M- lion for x86 computers

    Can anyone try installing it from a supported computer then moving it to a core duo?
  8. Asus 1005hab (works for 1005ha) Snow Leopard Install Guide

    Flash doesn't work. I downloaded flash 11.1 and 11.3 and neither work. :/ anyone had the same issues? I'm on 10.6.3 since I don't want to crash anything or deal with overheating
  9. Lion Core Duo Updates

    I recently installed lion on my core duo MacBook Pro that I'm currently using, but I would like to be able to get updates. Ive seen people strip down the lion 10.7.1 update to pure 32 bit, is there a link out there that has that update stripped? I'm a Noob, so sorry if i'm posting in the wrong forum, or if i don't know what i'm talking about. ALSO: Please do not refer me to the link on MacRumors, as I have read EVERY post on EVERY page.... <- I want to do what this guy is talking about. Only on a REAL mac..