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  1. DarwinDumper

    removing paragon extfs solved the empty bootloaders file issue. it would be great if there was a way to set the save location. thanks again blackosx.
  2. DarwinDumper

    this is the output. <key>AllDisks</key> <array> <string>disk0</string> <string>disk0s1</string> <string>disk0s2</string> <string>disk0s3</string> <string>disk0s4</string> <string>disk0s5</string> <string>disk0s6</string> <string>disk1</string> <string>disk1s1</string> <string>disk1s2</string> </array> <key>VolumesFromDisks</key> <array> <string>Mac</string> <string>Music</string> <string>Linux
  3. DarwinDumper

    hi blackosx, the computer is running 10.6.8 this is the results of running the command in terminal. darwindumper -d diskUtilLoaders,diskVolumeXuid -r Copying empty DarwinDumperReports folder with icon to /Applications/ Initiating dumps... Encountered unexpected EOF Encountered unexpected EOF Completed DiskUtil & Boot Loaders i also tried to move the app to the desktop, but dump was still empty. so the reason for the duSliceinfo.plist error is it saves it for each partition and since it is ext4 it cannot read or write the drive?
  4. DarwinDumper

    great tool, thanks for all your hard work. i first tried v2.1.3 and it made the dump and I was most interested in the bootloader section. I am trying to track down a Error parsing plist file issue. The dump showed Error Reading File: /tmp/duSliceinfo.plist for the linux partition. So i checked linux, but no plist file. Ran DarwinDumper 2.1.3 again a week later and nothing in the bootloader section. So I updated to 2.58 and then 2.68, but still Bootloaders.txt and UIDs.txt are empty. i ran as root and not, but no difference. Any ideas? also, 2.13 saved the dump to desktop but 2.68 is saving to the app location. any way to change the save location? thanks.
  5. hi, i installed ml on my badaxe2 and I am having some problems. wondering if you could tell me your config? what version of voodoohda are you using? i tried 2.7.3 and 2.7.4 but it did not work, my old version from 10.6 works on ML but crashes. you are not using sleepenabler.kext? what fakesmc are you using? what version of chameleon? thanks
  6. thank you teateam. update from 10.6.4 to 10.6.8 v1.1 when smooth with your kernel.
  7. Snow Leopard on Bad Axe 2

    what install method are you using? i had to add a DSDT.aml file to the usb stick I used to install with. it allowed me to install, but then I had to move AppleIntelPIIXATA.kext to boot. from installer terminal: cd /volumes/yourdrivename/System/Library/Extensions/ mv -f IOATAFamily.kext/Contents/PlugIns/AppleIntelPIIXATA.kext /volumes/mac
  8. Snow Leopard on Bad Axe 2

    will someone post the DSDT IOAtafamily panic fix for badaxe2? dsdtse shows a fix that is different than what is in my dsdt. am I suppose to append or replace? it is not clear. thanks.
  9. Snow Leopard on Bad Axe 2

    wondering if anyone has done the DSDT IOAtafamily panic fix for badaxe2? the fix is totally different than the badaxe2 dsdt. could someone post how they patched there IDE in DSDT for the panic? is everyone still using PC EFI 10.1? is anyone using Chameleon 2 RC4 with success? RC4 seems to work for me except I get this error in chameleon after selecting the mac drive. "Errors encountered while starting up the computer. Pausing for 5 seconds..." SL loads fine and works. In Disk Utility I get no drive errors and permissions are fine. is this why 10.1 is used?
  10. i installed they latest universal kext. extracting the AppleIintelPIIXATA.kext into the Extra/Extensions folder. crash on restart. D975XBX2, 10.6.2, ahci, sata drives, IDE dvd & cd drive tried the dsdt patch but my dsdt is different than the patch info. Dune, any idea why your kext does not work with my system?
  11. NVChannel(GL): Graphics channel exception!

    looks like some software like Multiwina will crash with with Vidia-Leopard-Graphics. i updated to 10.5.6 and left the newer drivers. started getting stalling/freezing with the system.log showing kernel[0]: NVDA(OpenGL): Channel exception! status = 0xffff info32 = 0xd = GR: SW Notify Error kernel[0]: 0000000c kernel[0]: 00100000 0000009f 0001b8d5 00000010 kernel[0]: 00028216 00000308 02d10403 00000002 kernel[0]: 00000000 beef5f01 0b800081 kernel[0]: 0000000b i thought maybe 10.5.7 would fix this. it did not! now I have much more serious freezes with video going haywire and requiring a restart. the error repeating several hundred times. does anyone know, especially Diabolik, what the difference between his Vidia-Leopard-Graphics-Kexts.pkg and 10.5.6/10.5.7 drivers? i have swapped identical video cards, but still get the error. I have another computer with the mostly the same setup that does not have the errors. Less software. ie FinalCut i have tried so many different things. onyx automation scripts, removed LCC, turned off login items, updated software, stopped using certain software. OSx86 Tools Utility -ran all System Maintenance, etc.. nothing has worked. Ran Rember to test memory. All tests passed. anyone?
  12. Intel HDA Audio Codec STA9274D

    Alain, Thanks for your work on this. Works great! It's nice to have the Mic working. In windows the Intel Audio software has Orange as center/sub and back green as front. Does both green front and back have to be set to headphone for osx? If I want to switch easily between both win/osx I have to set green for my 2 channel speakers. I made terminal command scripts to do the install of this, If anyone is interested I will post them here.
  13. NVChannel(GL): Graphics channel exception!

    I have been having the same issues. This might fix it for you! on another computer I had a problem with installing NVidia-Leopard-Graphics-Kexts.pkg and a guy helped me on the ICQ and told me this would solve that problem. since that other computer has the exact hardware as this computer and was not having the NVChannel errors I decided to try his suggestion for this issue. Apparently the Apple updates (10.5.5?) installs 1.5.30 versions of the NVidia drivers, but the diabolik Vidia-Leopard-Graphics-Kexts.pkg installs the 1.5.24 version. The installer will not install over the new version so it is crucial to delete the 1.5.30 version first and then install. don't delete the nvkush or nvinject files. here are the steps: 1. goto /System/Library/Extensions 2. delete all NV* from extensions folder 3. delete all GeForce* from extensions folder 4. run the NVidia-Leopard-Graphics-Kexts.pkg installer from Diabolik 5. after installer finishes, run repair permissions 6. restart thanks to Diabolik for his great drivers and the helpful guy on ICQ!
  14. i am having the same issue. Did you find a solution? I have to restart the computer to get rid of the blurry screen.
  15. sauria, i have not tried leopard yet. trying to find an upgrade method. don't want to erase the drive and not sure how to change to EFI.