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  1. need your help! for you is it possible?

    ok and what do u suggest to me? where do I have to post?
  2. Hi guys right now I definitively wanna change my OS from windows 7 ultimate 64bit to the bitten apple system cause now the software I use are stable and have supports (I use all Autodesk suites for CG as 3ds max Maya MotionBuilder etc. and Adobe CS5 AE, Premiere and Photoshop software) I'm pretty sure that my configuration is on the side and not sure I can install it on my PC and honestly I don't want spend other 5000/6000€ to buy a new mac pro with similar configuration. so this is my PC conf: Motherboard: Supermicro X7DWA-N (http://www.supermicr...400/x7dwa-n.cfm) Processors: 2x Xeon E5430@2.66GHz (http://ark.intel.com...1333-MHz-FSB%29) RAM: 32GB 8x4GB@800Mhz Kingston FBDIMM ECC Main Hard Disc: OCZ Revodrive 3x2 PCIe SSD 240GB (http://www.ocztechno...xpress-ssd.html) Second Hard Disc: WD1500HLFS (use this disc to store all my project data) Third Disc: 240GB Raid0 (4x80GB) (use this disc as a fast backup disc) Display adapter: Zotac GTX480 (http://www.zotac.com...=100245&lang=en) or (have to change) PNY Quadro 4000 (http://www3.pny.com/...-P2903C365.aspx) Display: Dell 3008WFP Power Supply Unit: Chieftec CFT-1200G-DF Case: Chieftec WH-02B-B-OP SMART Graphic Tablet: Intuos 4L sorry if I posted all, but for my situation I need all this HW to work. anyway, I found something around in the web but nothing concrete and it becomes a challenge for me. Can you help me to win this challenge? Thanks to all.