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  1. Stuck on white screen

    That actually solved it completely! Install went perfectly after that, and the system runs fine. All components working straight out of install! Thanks!
  2. Stuck on white screen

  3. Stuck on white screen

    Verified that FakeSMC.kext was in /EFI/CLOVER/kexts/10.10, and made sure that boot flag was correct, same result. Stuck on the spinning beach ball! Is there any further way to analyze what's causing it? Or is it at a point where I can't really pull any information from it?
  4. Need a little help troubleshooting...

    I actually got it past this point finally, it's now getting to a point where it's stuck on a white screen with the spinning beach ball. All I had to do was add npci=0x2000 and it fixed the initial issues. Will try that flag now though!
  5. Stuck on white screen

    Nice! Glad you got past it! I can't remove mine, it's built into the motherboard but I'll keep working and post how I get past it, if I do, lol.
  6. Stuck on white screen

    I finally got my system to boot to the point it is on a white screen as well, with the spinning beach ball. Is this the screen you get to? Or do you not get the beach ball? Just trying to see if we're in the same boat!
  7. Need a little help troubleshooting...

    OS X 10.10 (It's why I asked in this forum, hope it's the right place?) Currently working from this guide, though I've tried all on here and the results are the same - http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/298521-easy-yosemite-1010-usb-installer/ FakeSMC.kext Photo Thanks in advance Got a little farther finally, by just randomly adding slide=0 (didn't help before so I guess that wasn't it), and npci=0x2000 which brought me to here, and it just hangs here and keeps repeating the last dialogue.
  8. Need a little help troubleshooting...

    Found a few other posts about this issue from the last several years, however none of the fixes either work, or apply. Any ideas?
  9. Need a little help troubleshooting...

    Yours actually, most recently! But I tried a few others with the same result.
  10. Hello everyone! I have followed the instructions posted in several threads here, and get to a certain point with no trouble at all. However I am new to clover, and need some help troubleshooting a problem booting from the USB drive. It gets to a certain point, and becomes stuck on "Root Device uuid is" followed by a series of numbers and letters. I have googled high and low, and found several people with this problem across several versions of Clover/OS X... Trouble is none of the solutions found solved my problem. Probably missing something very simple, and would appreciate any help learning how to troubleshoot this, thanks!
  11. Tried it, but no luck Thanks though! Sorry, I added them to my sig! Will research, can't seem to find this issue yet, but looking.
  12. It's gotten me further than any other so far! Nice work! Any idea what this means though? It just hangs here forever.
  13. Boot Guide

    Oh ok! Thanks! I don't know why my mind was telling me it had to be more complex than that Edit: Still getting the "can't find mach_kernel" but it was worth a shot!
  14. Boot Guide

    Saw the info and files, just a noob trying to learn how to update clover from those files to 2693. I'll keep digging
  15. Boot Guide

    And how do we update to 2693 since it seems unavailable on the web? Hope that fixes the mach_kernel issue!