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  1. Ozmosis

    Just one more question . Does someone know how to stop Ozmosis from injecting GPU? My GPU (7970Ghz vapor-x) runs on generic framebuffer, not on that one it tries to inject.
  2. Ozmosis

    Thanks for that
  3. Ozmosis

    Hi, I have prepared BIOS with OZmosis for Z77X-UP5 TH, flashed, it works and boots fine, except second monitor, I have Sapphire 7970Ghz and the Ozmosis tries to inject AMD GPU framebuffer, but for me the second monitor works only with default framebuffer. How to configure Ozmosis to stop injecting GPU? And also how to inject DSDT into Ozmosis? Should i put DSDT.aml into Kext2ffs EFI folder and run that script? Thanks.
  4. Ozmosis

    Thanks a lot !
  5. Ozmosis

    Hi, where can I get the latest version of Ozmosis? :-)
  6. Clover General discussion

    Hi, i tried to hide legacy drives in new Clover version 2061. But it doesn't work for me. Whats the right code? <key>GUI</key> <dict> <key>Scan</key> <dict> <key>Legacy</key> <false/> </dict> </dict>
  7. DSDT injection for 7970

    Well, your DSDT works better :-) , OS X recognized card fully properly (even slot number). Thanks for helping
  8. DSDT injection for 7970

    Ok i will try it too :-)
  9. DSDT injection for 7970

    Well for me it's working. THANKS !
  10. DSDT injection for 7970

    Sorry, here it is 7970 ioreg2.zip
  11. DSDT injection for 7970

    ok, thanks for your time :-)
  12. DSDT injection for 7970

    ok if you think this: Vendor 0x1002 and device id 0x6798
  13. DSDT injection for 7970

    Sure, here it is https://www.dropbox.com/s/oaakc93avhfe1b1/7970%20IOREG.ioreg
  14. DSDT injection for 7970

    Hi, I have a 7970 Ghz (Vapor-x) and I would like to inject it into DSDT to use the right framebuffer (so it will show in about the mac not 7xxx but 7970) I tried it using this guide http://rampagedev.wordpress.com/2012/12/04/about-amd-7970-working-with-full-qe/ but I don't know how exactly inject it. So I attached my DSDT here and could anyone patch it for me? Thanks. DSDT.aml.zip