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  1. Okay, so apparently, nobody seen this issue. I found a reason why ps2 devices are stop working after plugging off power cord on laptop with Celeron M . It is not related to any .kext, it is a DSDTv0.20 issue. Update DSDT to v0.30(the one for Merom CPU's) from elsewhere in this thread, and you will be good to go. i wrote this just in case somebody (or even I) will need this, as there is almost no informtion about Celeron M based hp 550. Sorry for overposting
  2. Probably not. I've installed all these components and still have random freezes. speaking of wi-fi - if you have some issues with build-in wi-fi card, you should try googling - there is some kind of solution, which is helped with non working wi-fi, but i don't remember where i've seen it. So, it seems like this topic is totally abandoned. My help-asking post was made five months ago, and i'm almost desperate to get the answer. Does anybody knows about descripted issue?
  3. Hi! I have a HP 550 laptop Celeron M550 CPU Snow Leopard successfully installed, using different sources of information (this thread not solves all of the problems with this particular version of HP 550). Everything is working great, including sleep, battery, fans, updates via update center (little bit slow though, thanks to an really old processor)... The only problem that drives me insane is... Every time power supply is disconnected, VoodooPS2 driver stoppes working. I'm using a very old version 1.1.0. Newer kexts are not working after installation (tried both /E/E, /S/L/E, apple kext are deleted). Googling is not helping at all, it seems like nobody faced this issue. Is there any way to update VoodooPS2 kext on this laptop? Is there specific version? Or maybe another solution? Please help!