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  1. Lejenk could you show me your edits to the dsdt? I have a similar laptop (5720) and for the most part your guide works. I just want to create a new DSDT just for this model. Thanks.
  2. I did the update using the combo update. It shows to fail the install but everything looks like its upgraded. All I had to do was replace the new AppleHDA.kext with the one patched in this thread.
  3. Inorder for the computer to boot without the USB, you will have to have /Extra on the HDD setup so chameleon reads the DSDT, and smbios.plist. This may be the cause of your issues.
  4. What other extra kexts did you install? Do you have the /Extra folder setup? Did you delete any other kexts?
  5. I am running a custom ssdt, and the BIOS is patched. Its more of a function of where my computer sits, and I would like the fans to come on earlier. Sounds like the nVidia Kexts are trying to load. You might try deleting them from /S/L/E and see how that goes.
  6. Too bad the hardware in these laptops dont support actual fan control. My Laptop tends to run hot when idle just due to the place it sits. I would love to kick up the fan speed.
  7. Does anyone else have issues with the Wifi Connection randomly dropping? Doesn't matter if its after sleep, Or just a regular day. The browser will fail to load the page, and I will look up and see that I do not have a wifi connection. Then I have to reconnect manually. Just wondering if anyone else has this issue.
  8. You have to have the drive setup to use a GUID partition map scheme in order to boot ML. I am guessing that you are not changing that. When you open disk utility, select the drive, select partition, and choose options. Make sure GUID is selected.
  9. Everyone that i know with these laptops have occasional graphics glitches. i notice in my own that I get them about 1 out of every 5 reboots. But all I do is reboot again and they go away. As for the function keys, it sounds like the dsdt is missing the FN key patch as part of it. You should be able to add it much like the dual link patch edits.
  10. Patched BIOS for native speedstep on ASUS N53SV

    Got it flashed Thanks! HK93 This bios works great! Thanks for the work on it. Too bad our bios doesn't support enabling/disabling Optimus.
  11. Woot! Nevermind, I just had to "reinstall" FakeSMC.kext, and now HWMonitor is reporting all the CPU info etc. Thanks! So glad to have a fully operational hackintosh on this N53SV. (Minus the Optimus enabled nvidia card.)
  12. This thread is amazing, I have the most stable system in Mac OS X to date. Native Power management, SSDT, etc is awesome. I have one minor issue. The sensor kexts that you use dont work for me. I can not get any CPU information, Temps/Freq or system temps. The only system info I can get is the HDD Temps. Has anyone found anything else to get the CPU to report information? Thanks! Edited to Add: I just realized in the console log its reporting: 11/5/12 10:05:00.670 PM com.apple.kextcache[315]: IntelCPUMonitor.kext - no dependency found for org.netkas.FakeSMC. 11/5/12 10:05:00.670 PM com.apple.kextcache[315]: IntelCPUMonitor.kext is missing dependencies (including anyway; dependencies may be available from elsewhere) 11/5/12 10:05:00.865 PM com.apple.kextcache[315]: ACPISensors.kext - no dependency found for org.netkas.FakeSMC. 11/5/12 10:05:00.865 PM com.apple.kextcache[315]: ACPISensors.kext is missing dependencies (including anyway; dependencies may be available from elsewhere) Do these require a different FakeSMC.kext than the one in the downloads? Thanks!