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  1. Finally.. was able to install MAC osX LION from usb without preinstalled mac os!! its simple and easy to make a mac os x bootable USB FROM WINDOWS 7 OR XP!! IF needed i have packaged the tools i have used and a guide to incase you guyz need it.Fell free to ask if any problem!! DOWNLOAD TOOLS HERE!! ENJOY )
  2. hackingmind92

    How to make a bootable usb without mac os!

    Wanted to boot my laptop using iatkosl2 on usb!! but since i donot have a mac os near me..how could i do that?? plz help!!!!!!!1
  3. i donot have a mac os and cannot even install it on a vmware machine(because it give kp all the time) ... so plzz help me because always get a extraction error when installed from dvd!!
  4. I cannot boot into mac os x!! i reinstalled with chimera but at the first boot it automatically reboots when booted with -v flag ..no error message ca be seen as it restartas automatically!! Previously i had no problem with the boot but my nVIdia 525m was not supported and i was able to log into osx by deleting the kexts but now i am helpless and not geeting it wright!! plz help!!! I also tried "" PCIRoot=0,1 cpus=1,2 arch=x86_64 -v"" same result The error message that flashes is " efi_inject_get_devprop_string null trying stringdata"
  5. i figured out that my graphics ( intel hd 3000) only works with chimera ..so i donot want to reinstall it because i may not be able to succesfully install it back!! is'nt there any other way to do it??
  6. hackingmind92

    please help me! iatkos l2:(((

    the installer is gud! i burned the same dmg to 2 more dvds but result the same!! what can i do please i am feeling totally helpless coz i have tried installing it about more than 5o times and fed up of getting the same result an another question! i need a primary partition to install mac rite??? Or logical??
  7. hackingmind92

    please help me! iatkos l2:(((

    the screen i am getting is this the installer log is here: sorry for bad quality if you donot understand any line i will try to write the error plz help and the other half of the screen \\
  8. hackingmind92

    please help me! iatkos l2:(((

    I previously succesfully installed iatkosl2 on my system but due to some reason i had to format it and now when i try to install it it says "INSTALL FAILED" and the intaller log is as follows:
  9. I owe a dell inspiron 5110 15r it fulfills all the requirements for installing a mas os. I burnt the iso file and then chenged my bios setting and booted from dvd and everything goes fine until i get the following screen Please help me out!! how to solve the problem!!! My laptop specs:: 4 gb DDRIII ram 500 gb hard drive(aschii) core i5 Many other have succesfully installed it on their dell 15r but why am not i been able to do that!! PLz i am desperately in need of some help!! )