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  1. Mate, why don't you shared your EFI so others can solve the same issue? Thanks in advance.
  2. USB3 not working for Asus X99-A/USB 3.1

    Did you ever get them to work?
  3. Hey, man, can you explain a bit more regarding this issue? I do have the same Mobo and those work just fine. Which Kexts do you have in your EFI/Clover/Kexts/10.13 folder?
  4. Graphic artifacts on 980 Ti

    I have been having issues with my Capitan installation since day 1 but it's becoming unbearable. The problem appears when using PS and Blender at the same time. If I have a big document (4k+) and Blender with another medium project, the entire screen starts to get messed up and its nothing but artifacts all over the place. Anyone else having a similar or the same issue?
  5. Hi guys, I've tried adding the ram slots in Clover and I get 48GB but using 40% of the ram without doing anything in my computer. It reports as "wired" mostly. If I remove them from config.plist and add trust it detects 32GB and no ram usage after restarting. Any help would be appreciated. Update: Bios update to the latest version solved my problem.
  6. Anyone would know why I get stuck here after all prior to that was done successfully? Should I remove the airport card first or something? X58A UD5 Original Airport card using an adaptor Instead of a USB I am using a 10Gb partition
  7. Restore Carbon Copy Cloner DMG to Hard Drive

    Hey turn your new mac with the installation DVD in. Then hold ALT key until the start options appear then select DVD and once you are inside the installation system go to the top menu and get inside disk utility select your imac hard drive format it if it isn't yet journal mode then again to the menu scan image to restore scan the image you should have in another hard drive so make sure you plugged it. If is iMac then you need an external USB box in order to do it. Once the image has been scanned go back to the formatted drive and click the restore tab and load the image to be restored. I might miss something but this is what I can remember from memory. If alt doesn't work try C key until the apple appears it should go straight to read the DVD. Good luck.
  8. fermi/gtx 480/gtx 470

    Does any gtx 480 or 470 work with two monitors at the moment?
  9. Silent [FANLESS] nVidia

    Trying to help mate. I don't think my suggestion is too off topic to come up like that.
  10. 2 Video Cards 1st for win 2nd for OSX

    Thanks for the info mate. How do I know which ID is the card?
  11. Silent [FANLESS] nVidia

    Sapphire Radeon HD 5670 1GB GDDR5 Ultimate The only one I found try this if you decide to go for it. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=225779
  12. Nvidia and Ati in one system

    Hey mate just trying to find out exactly about it before I buy another graphic card. Let see if anyone knows. What if both cards are PCI-e which one would be chosen by the system? Right now I got a HD 4890 working for OSX and my need is another new one more powerful as yours or Nvidia GTX 580 for Win/Gaming and wait until someone comes up with a solution to make them work under OSX then it will replace the 4890.
  13. 2 Video Cards 1st for win 2nd for OSX

    It would be just until we get some solution to make any latest ATI or Nvidia video card working under OSX, Then I could remove the second one. I am not gonna be jumping from OSX to WIN every hour so I guess the only solution would be disconnecting power cables right before. Shouldn't I be able to choose the primary graphic slot? Therefore the second one will be ignored? Doing that would be easier I have to change from AHCI to IDE every time I want to run winXP so for me is just the same. I did not know yet how to add AHCI support in windows XP. Shame on me! Also should work the only card with DVI cable plugged? Only card installed and being the only slot selected as primary graphic card in BIOS? Just speculating.
  14. Silent [FANLESS] nVidia

    Gigabyte GeForce 9800GT 1GB GDDR3 Passive That card also works right out of the box with just graphic enabler yes.
  15. Hey guys so I wanna have two cards in my rig... why? GTX 500 series does not work yet in Snow Leopard so I wanted to buy it as I mostly use for win/games anyway. And I can stick with my second one which is working since a while already under OSX. I can wait until a fix for the GTX comes out. I just wanted a better card for gaming thats all. But my question is: Is there any way to deactivate the card from Bios or any other method while I am running OSX. I guess both cards working even just one doing the job for OSX would be a lot of power consumption for no reason. Hope I explained my self clear enough. Cheers.