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  1. Instant reboot after successful installation

    Thanks! After finding the patch and reinstalling Mavericks the computer boot right up and I was able to see that not only was the installation successful but that I had full QE/CI support for my graphics card!! I installed voodoohda kext for my sound card and my sound now works and I was also fortunate enough to find a kext for my ethernet port! The last thing to make my new "Mac" complete would be to figure out the iCloud/iMessage error. I searched through at least 20 forums about how to fix it and I've tried everything under the sun from (deleting the configuration then the networkinterfaces.plist after that adding the EFI string to my chameleon bootloader restarting starting back up re-adding ethernet to my internet prefs restart and see if it works) to (Randomizing the serial in chameleon wizard). All of which have failed for the most part. I say that because while I'm not able to login to iMessage/iCloud I am able to log into the App Store and download my purchases from my actual mac. I have checked how the mac is perceiving my ethernet port in system information and it shows it as en0, which from my understanding means that it should connect to all three apple services. Do you know of anyway to get iCloud to work? iMessage is no big deal, however iCloud would be nice to sync my iPhoto, Pages, Numbers, etc. Thanks in advanced!
  2. Instant reboot after successful installation

    Thanks! I feel like an idiot for not have thinking of the FakeSMC.kext earlier! My computer now boots but is stuck at VM Swap Subsystem is ON any ideas?
  3. Instant reboot after successful installation

    Unfortunately it still instant reboots. To make sure that I had removed all the graphics kexts correctly I also removed them from my install USB and used kext wizard on my semi working laptop hackintosh to rebuild the permissions and cache, then I started up the installer again this time I knew I had successfully deleted all the graphics kexts because it was in the default resolution (1024x768 i think) and not in 1080p. So again I used disk utility to wipe my hard drive and proceeded to install mac again. The installation was a success again but again it decides to reboot after starting darwin x86_64 and the list of Boot Args. The boot args I used where -f -v
  4. Instant reboot after successful installation

    Ok, will try now
  5. Instant reboot after successful installation

    Thanks for the quick reply! Still looking through the links you gave me, I copied over the kernel from the usb to the root of the HDD using the terminal in mavericks installer, however the problem still persists. I am about to try a different kernel as I am typing this. I will copy it to the usb and try to install Mac OS again using the new kernel and I will post my results. EDIT 1: Just copied the new Kernel to the flash drive and am currently re-installing mac to my desktop EDIT 2: Still has a successful install followed by instant reboot when trying to boot the Mac OS hard drive
  6. Instant reboot after successful installation

    Unfortunately it still resets at the same message
  7. Hello, I have been watching the forums and waiting for the day that a kernel would come out for installing mavericks on an AMD processor with nvidia graphics support. Earlier today I found one confirmed working on both AMD FX and Nvidia graphics so I thought I would try it out on my desktop. Luckily it was able to boot into the Mavericks install and I was able to successfully install Mavericks on my PC. The problem is when I try to boot the Mac partition I get an instant reboot. The last line of the loading screen is the list of the boot args, before restarting the computer. I tried to use -v to at least get an idea of what I was dealing with but it still kept restarting at the Boot Args list. I had tried inputing all other boot flags i can think of make no effect whatsoever on the restart. I just find it odd that it would let me install fine but it won't let me boot at all. Any help would be greatly appreciated! My install process: Pandoras box Mavericks 10.9.1 app Kernel: AMD 10.9/10.9.1/10.9.2 kernel UPDATE III with full sse4 support Version R9 Chameleon v2.2svn r2327 My specs are: ASUS M5A97 AMD FX 8150 8 core 3.6 GHz 8gb DDR 3 1600MHz 1TB HDD 120GB SSD I've tried installing on both EDIT: Can't believe that I forgot to add this NVIDIA GTX 680 4GB GDDR5 / No integrated graphics