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  1. I have a question. I have been dealing with this all week. I have burned DVD's like no other. I tried (I know its illegal but tried atkios l2 - just to see if maybe my old usb drive was faulty) None of the distros work for me. I am running the M18X Ivy Bridge with 14gb ram, 3 HDD and nvidia 660m. I am just tired of dvd's laying around and I accidently reformatted the usb containing my DMG file, and I do not have a mac around since I sold it due to Veterans Affairs not paying me on time and needed to pay my bills, so re downloading is horrible and I live on a farm, so I am stuck with nearest neighbor about 1.6 miles away... so finding someone else with a Mac is amazingly hard... What should I do? Is there a Ivy Bridge pre-built distribution I can use that supports Ivy Bridge. Any way to burn DMG without corruption? What can I do. Thanks in advance! -MaxAttaX