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  1. Hi all When I try to play portal 2 and portal 1 at my default AtiConfig Lotus it runs for 1 sec and than it just quits, when I'm at the aticonfig duckweed it just runs great, I have lotus because I have dual display, other games just work fine Does anyone know how to fix this?
  2. Hackintosh compatible?

    How can I get different kernel...?
  3. Hackintosh compatible?

    And do you know a solution for it...?
  4. Hackintosh compatible?

    But doesnt say this anything to you guys?
  5. Hackintosh compatible?

    I think i'm gonna buy a new motherboard ;-)
  6. Hackintosh compatible?

  7. Hackintosh compatible?

    Okay, but does the image say anything???
  8. Hackintosh compatible?

    okay which guide do you mean? And doesnt my picture say anything?
  9. Hackintosh compatible?

    Crashed/reboots again using: "-x -v -f GraphicsEnabler=No busratio=31" ( also tried -v and -v -x -f and -v PCIRootUID=1)
  10. Hackintosh compatible?

    Yeah but my drivers are not my first problem right now I can't even make an bootable USB cause it keeps rebooting, i'm gonna try to put the "extra folder" of iFire tomorrow.....
  11. Hackintosh compatible?

    Haha thanks , here it is ;-) Extra.zip
  12. Hackintosh compatible?

    Yeah i meant a file.....how can I upload a file...?
  13. Hackintosh compatible?

    How can I upload a folder in the forum?
  14. Hackintosh compatible?

    iMac 12.1 because there was intel i3 in