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  1. Simpsons At The Mapple Store

    Hulu FTW Full episode here. Love the USB sub.
  2. scan please?(letter that you sent as well would be nice) kthxbai
  3. What kind of Watch do you have?

    Gshock. Had one since I was 6, I'm on my second. I go everywhere with it, and my "new" one(3 years now) syncs with the atomic clock in colorado, and is solar powered. w00t!
  4. The Official 360 Gamertag Thread

    mine pwns all of yours. PCGaming4Life. (yeah, people have called me a troll, an idiot, a FPS(frames per second) whore, the whole nine yards ) Games: Rock Band. I hate dual analog for shooters.
  5. Woah. I'm behind on the response. I thought it was,as I all ways see mirror on on those hackintoshes. But anyway, my problem is that my VGA monitor is not detected, the light is still blinking(meaning no signal), and the screen is blank.I hear that "Detect Displays" is buggy. Perhaps that's it .Anyway, I would really really like to get mirror or ext desktop working,so I can finally get rid of XP, as I use my luggable for presentations and gaming on the airplane (C&C3, anyone?). @adude123, I have very very similar hardware,different HD and WIFI card,1500m. No banding. I'm using Jas 10.4.9(Combo update). Sleep works(poke around for the patches here), but the internal LCD will not wake up along with the comp. I haven't tried Upchuck.
  6. I've been looking around and I still can't find a solution for my lack of mirror. When I plug in my VGA monitor, nothing happens. I hit detect displays and nothing happens. I'm using Diabolik's natit, with my 1500m added into the NVDAResman.kext. Am I being a stupid noob?
  7. Seven Nation Army, White Stripes.
  8. GNOME or KDE (Ubuntu or Kubuntu)

    Ditto. AmaroK is nice. Yes, type them into terminal. All your OSX terminal skills will apply in the Linux world as well. XFCE is a "lightweight desktop enviroment" . Looks like it runs on OSX as well.I've never used it before.
  9. Stadium Arcadium:RHCP wait, switched to Like a Stone;Audioslave(how I will miss them)
  10. That would be charming. I would be very happy if you did. I would gladly offer any help I can.I don't want to be running around installing AppleHDA one day, then the old networking kext the next. It would be even better if it had an option to get new updates from the net, so we could install postburn patches. LOL on the iDVD work. Many a day has been spent helping a damsel in distress to edit her movie.
  11. .

    I will admit, I use auto-speed in Az. I have the lowest tier VZ (768/128) DSL, so auto-speed locks uploads at 14k ish. I've seen 18K,once. I only use auto-speed because my sister "needs" to see her dubbed narouto eposdes on YouTube. Now that's off my chest, try reading up on the Az wiki. There's a lot of other stuff that could be of interest to you. This is just my ,but try the CVS plugin. The betas are stable and I swear, they sometimes increase performance. BTW,Welcome to the frog. It's safer here.
  12. Ah..now I can complete my collection. I have G's1-4. All have dead battries(One actually has iPod linux, and DOOM!). Too cheap to get it fixed and I'm too lazy to do it myself.(Kidding about buying). Teh Zune is a good effort, but it falls short, true. The 6G sounds nice, but if you need a MP3 player now , go for a Creative Zen Vison M . I'm( and I'm sure no one else is) not sure when it's coming out.
  13. Bad idea. ATA is going the way of the dinosaur. If I recall correctly, Intel got rid of all PATA connections a while back, so you would have to buy a, add-in card. Alessandro17(I love OpenSUSE btw, it was my first distro, actually it was still SUSE when I first used it) is right. I'd go for 2gigs+,RAM is dirt cheap. ECC is a good idea., but if you're short on cash, it can be sacrificed. And ditto, you won't need DX10. For example, Lost Planet looks the same be it DX10 or 9 and DX10 is slower. But I am a bit concerned with the videocard. IMHO, turbocache or Hypermemory should be avoided(I used to have a x1400, which had HM, terrible). On newegg, I've seen a 7600GS for $120, a bit more than the 7200. But it is a 512Mb card, so Nvinject may be needed. Good luck.