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  1. High Sierra on Ryzen 7 1700 Help

    So.. in this thread its OK to have a link to google drive. Yet in another it was blocked as could be might be by some piracy. So lost
  2. Lets leave SOME as to this site. I could be wrong but.. Highsierra free?
  3. Ryzen !

    Hmm I see people asking HOW.. and then.. nothing
  4. Asrock z97 Extreme6

    Pffft.. seems if you disable 3rd party USB lol.. works.. thanks DwarfVader
  5. Kind of stuck here. Yosemite.. installed fine. So tried El Capitan. Now I have searched.. still it gets this kernel error
  6. OS X El Capitan DP's builds!

    Well gotta Z97xU3d-bk and with Yosem with a R9 390.. like 1/2 speed all worked fine. So put on also El Cap GM. Works great.. all but R9 390. Got that working but same as Yosem like 1/2 speed but in testing Xbench the last part where it should fly goes slow. My NV 770 works full speed.. installed Cuda. Dont really notice much diff ..seems a little snapper ..I like the OLD Diskutil allot better. I like seeing the APPLE every time every time I boot. The only kext I have is one for lan, fake, voodoo. Voodoo in Yosem for ME after sleep no sound. Like if I used Windows and did NOT shut down I would have no sound in Mac. Yet now with EL 10.11 works flawless.. sleep wake sound.. great! OH I added something in the Config under RV* so I could edit like the Dock where. wow it was like NO TOUCHING EVER! haha But putting in the 10.9 Dock like I did in Yosem.. no work anymore. cDock works just .. does not quite look the same All works.. sleep.. Apple store.. Itunes video (perview) as long as I pick the 2nd video.. 1st video never works lol.. not sure why that video thing never worked. I just wish ATI/AMD was as easy as Nvidia is. The R9 390 I think the 290 aswell just have to jump through hoops to get it to work great. Two monitors you have to just use one then sleep plug in other and wake and got 2. Unless plug in NV card also and then two (or intel graphics) works. Why AMD does not come out with drivers like Nvidia .. I read to many saying "go wiht NV is easier" when they want AMD/ATI.
  7. AMD 390x on 10.10.4 Problems

    Ok I have a R9 390.. I edited AMD8000 and AMDX4000. In the 8000 I added 0x67B11002 to the end of 0x67B01002. THEN in AMDX4000 I changed 1 of them. I changed the 0x67B01002 to 0x67B11002 Now for me only ONE port works DVI meaning if I boot with TWO monitors I just get black.. if only ONE DVI.. boots fine. .never tried booting just DP.hmm.. yet if I sleep then plug in other monitor I get two.... Also this is using Chameleon. Now with El Capitan (no editing files) that drive I use Clover and injecting Aticonfig blah blah blah it boots in fine ..its just like its in safe mode as if NO frambuffer is being used YET I have it set and tried different ones. It sees the card as R9 290 8096.. full res.. BUT.. man I am no expert haha but got 10.10.5 working. For ME again its just not as fast as others with 290's..mine being 390. Yet I dont game on it so .. no lose there.
  8. Well it is easy to follow so the error is something you are doing or not doing. I have Gg z97x Gaming 5, SSD, Ga 970 G1 and Yosemite works. The only problem I ever had was I put a different boot on the ssd. It would boot but errors. I just never got around to fixing it. I boot from another drive Now I never followed tonymac. To many times for ME they say what works or not works and wrong to many times. So I used someone elses boot usb programs. I dont even remember whos.. it was some torrent at the time and I made a usb. That would install it on any motherboard I had lol.
  9. I have a GA-Z97X with GA 970 G1. nv_disable=1 at install. Then I installed the NV Web driver I then got rid of nv_disable=1 and put in nvda_drv=1 So yes I am on OS X 10.10 posting now. Works flawless. The only problem I have with 10.10 is DVD and folders stop working after awhile
  10. Well all goes great but after awhile if I try to EJECT or open DVD I get a busy mouse and if try to just open a folder as in "open folder" nothing happens. I am guessing I didn't install some kext.. help? Other than that ALL works great. I have the dev mod and npci=0x2000 nada_drv starting .. Thanks
  11. Need some help with install

    I have Gig X97 game 5 with Gig Gtx 970 G1 and used #### All I had problems with the Nv web drivers because I would click to use WEB drivers and would not stick yet after the 3 or so try works perfect. No problems with 970 at all. Now (just tested to make sure) facetime, iCloud, Imessage, updates (dont use thunderbolt) work fine I had to do nothing. Sleep works perfect wakes up perfect.. best ever for me. EDIT: just remembered once I changed the "org.chameleon.Boot.plist" it got stuck at "waiting for root device". So I copied back the one on the USB and just touched up that one and then boots great.
  12. Just a little note. You OP should change the "killer network will never work". Works perfect now on MSI z78 powermax.
  13. MSI MPOWER Z87 Help

    search here for how to patch the bios. I have the same board and am using 10.9.2 Nvidia 770+ ATI 7970 the audio ALL of it works. Yes even the KILLER network. Again you HAVE to search. DONT fall for that "it wont work" Some help the killer is using ALXethernet.kext. Onboard audio I just downloaded "AppleHDA_for_ALC1150_ 10.9GM" Again you have to patch the bios 1st or nothing will work. No I dont have dsdt either.
  14. [How to]Clover on EFI partition/Add to Bios

    This was great thanks. So far on MSI Mpower max I got 10.9 working as long as I boot from USB (clover). Now got EFI working. I noticed the settings on the USB clover were different then the ones on Clover HD. So I go in and change them yet none are saved and still cant get the HD Clover to boot all the way where as the USB Clover boots up perfect. Forgive me if this is not the place to ask of so point me where I can ask.
  15. OS X 10.8.3 all Builds !

    Yeah slow updates.. Side note I think its best to just PM the person if you want to know about something. Some get upset dont want to help and over text. Its a great site and you want people to support it. Being short with anyone never helps in the long run.