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    My call with Apple Support

    I saw that on Digg.com, but I couldnt get onto this site. I must say, prawker, you did well. I did sort of the same thing at the apple store, and the guys ask how its possible. I tell them since its all x86, it should work with patching. I just love it how the guy is like "compaq, as in windows PC" how biased! theres more than just windows.
  2. BlueFalcon7

    Wireless card

    Hello, I have been using SBC service for phone, and Internet. My parents decided to switch over to the other corprate whore; Comcast for home services. My mom is sick of me having the router in my room. I have a wireless card, but it does not work with any of my operating systems. I am currently running Windows XP x64, and Mac OS X. All is not lost however, I was running a Marvell 88E1116, which no Mac drivers exist for, and it would be nice to get my Mac online. I know that there are wireless cards compatible with OS X, but are there any wireless cards that are compatible with OS X and Windows XP x64?
  3. BlueFalcon7

    Installation Woes [I'm New Here]

    Ahem, 3 hard drives? Oops, I didnt see that you used VMware. (duh) I believe it involves the disk drive. I'm not sure exactly what you have to do, maybe I can bump this topic, and someone else will see it. Good luck, and sorry.
  4. BlueFalcon7

    How to REALLY hack a Mac

    Which is why I use web based mail Outlook, Thunderbird, and iMail suck!
  5. heres an old one, it was before I got my wireless keyboard and mouse. It was also before I officially retired my second flat screen monitor. That thing in the top left corner is an old hard drive. I have had it there for a while, and I still have it there ...for no particualr reason. I also have a RAM stick keychain, I am a geek if you havent noticed theres a picture of the inside of my computer. That is a sweet Zalman 9500 I am using to cool my core 2 duo, which I will overclock once my warranty runs out. (heres another) heres a good lights out pic of my mac Theres my work area as a whole. I am pretty much immune to pepsiads now. The really funny part, is that I dont drink Pepsi, though I have had that huge thing in my room for a year.
  6. BlueFalcon7

    Marvell Yukon 88E8036 PCI-E Fast Ethernet FIXED

    Hey, I have a Marvell 88E1116, and I was wondering, is there anything I can change to make it work, like the hardware ID (Which I have no clue on how to find) Because I have searched all around, and haven't found anything. thanks.
  7. BlueFalcon7

    new to osx, i got a problem

    What kind of partition? Is it a HFS+ partition? If not, that might be your problem why its not recognizing it. You might want to try out playing with VMware. My rule of thumb: When in doubt, theres VMware, you can fake your hardware there, until you get proper drivers.
  8. BlueFalcon7

    Still waiting for root device- Sata raid

    I'm not too knowledgeable with Mac OSX, but I sort of know what I am doing. I havent heard any stories of RAID working. You might want to somehow try to install Mac OS X on VMware, and installing drivers first. I'm not exactly sure how it would be done, or if it is possible. Good luck
  9. BlueFalcon7

    SATA Help.. please

    What kind of disk drive do you have? You were saying SATA help, so if your disk drive is SATA, you might have problems. I would recommend trying VMware. That program saved my life in the Mac world. You can still install the OS on a separate partition. If you have another hard drive, that works a lot better. OK, so what I would recommend doing, is mount the image with either alcahol 120% or Daemon tools NOT VMware! Try to find a good install ISO, I like the Jas 10.4.8 install (not beta!) and make sure you have PPF1, and PPF2 on the ISO. Once installed in VMware, install your SATA drivers. Reboot native, and you should have some of your problems fixed. You will probably have further questions, so feel free to post more. I, and probably other members will be glad to help
  10. BlueFalcon7

    How to REALLY hack a Mac

    I get viruses on my computer, but I never notice because my computer is so fast, that its like trying to stop a freight train (its just too fast and powerful)
  11. BlueFalcon7

    Marvell Yukon PCI-E 8056 works?

    any help for the 88E1116? I know what you are doing with the first key, and the first string, but the second one where, you change some seemingly irrelevant hex "<string>0x436211AB</string>" I have no idea what that is, or how to find out what that would be on mine. Any help?
  12. BlueFalcon7

    Marvell Yukon 8001 - the driver

    Anyone know how I can edit this driver so its compatible with a Marvell 88E1116? Edit: I know that theres a way to hack the current AppleYukon.kext, but I have no idea of what the hardware IDs on my Ethernet card are, nor do I know how to find them. I tried to edit once, but it didn't seem to work. If somebody could help me out, that would be great!
  13. is it possible to convert to convert an ethernet to firewire? because I wouldnt mind using a firewire network.
  14. Know anywhere where I would be able to get a real cheap LAN card that works with OS X? It doesnt need to be a Gigabit LAN card. Even if its only 10 Mb/s My internet is not a blazing fast service, and its split over a network. But if you could help me out with the built in Ethernet, that would be great. Remember, Marvell 88E1116
  15. BlueFalcon7

    Geforce 7900gs

    I have a 7900 GS, and it works fine in OS X. It appears to be a bit slow in grapher, but thats about it. I crank the poly level really high, and it goes about 20 FPS. Anywhere else, it goes really fast, but NVIDIA cards aren't known for Open GL performance. As for my driver, I'm using the one that came on the Jas 10.4.8 install disc, and it works like a charm. I will play games on it later. I cant get the internet working, because I cant get drivers for the "Marvell 88E1116" so no games for me.