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  1. Dell N5110 Screen Tearing?

    bumper cars
  2. Dell N5110 Screen Tearing?

    I spoke too soon, it artifacts pretty bad, even when im just trying to read some emails :/ Can anyone help?
  3. Dell N5110 Screen Tearing?

    No tearing so far, anyway i can make it boot with the flag, without me having to type it?
  4. Dell N5110 Screen Tearing?

    I will try that. Just so you know, ive installed Fan Control it didnt seem to help. I want to try and do all of these fixes but i dont know how to do most of them as i dont have the kexts. Heres the link
  5. Dell N5110 Screen Tearing?

    Hello!, I just installed 10.9 Mavericks OSX and i wanted to know how to fix this. It looks like when i install a new program my screen will just start "Tearing", im new at this but i think maybe my graphics is not being enabled? idk though. I followed this guide. Also, it does it sometimes when i hover over some icons. If you can help me right now add me on skype: michaelclaw1 Heres some screenshots of it. Thanks for reading my topic! Hopefully this can be resolved! I have a Dell Inspiron N5110 - i3-2310 + Intel HD 3000 no nVidia
  6. Hello Please Reply Can some one explain how to do step 5 and how to copy the boot list text thing.. im a noob at apple stuff EDIT: Also if you cant tell me how to install the 10.6.8 combo update please