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  1. rc15 is working just as good and stable for me as rc7. All versions in between were unstable for me. With rc15 I can still crash Xcode, but it's much more stable than with rc7 and in fact almost usable :-). Keep up the good work! :-)
  2. This. I noticed during booting that the FIPS tests failed.
  3. hmm, I can make it to the login screen now. But logging in crashes and sends me back to the login screen .
  4. Instant reboot during boot for my Athlon II.
  5. @clemj06 I'm using the Athlon in my signature, yes.
  6. No, when I have my multiplier set to 14.5 the kernel also detects a busratio of 14. Which mainly causes the clock to run faster than real time :-).
  7. BUS: Frequency = 200.0000MHz, cvtt2n = 00000005.00000000, cvtn2t = 00000000.33333333, cvtInt = 004C4B3F.FFFE0DD1 TSC: Frequency = 2800.0000MHz, cvtt2n = 00000000.5B6DB6DB, cvtn2t = 00000002.CCCCCCD0, gran = 14 RC8 here, detecting busratio 14 just fine. I did however have issues with busratio 14.5, which is the default busratio of this cpu.
  8. Xcode crashes on X86_64 (just like with RC8) http://pastebin.com/dkAhy9y4 Also still have that red pixel issue. Had that issue also with mountain lion when using sineteks kernels, anv's latest fixed that for me.
  9. Doesn't seem to work for my Ati 4870, but I also can't boot i386, maybe it's related to that. :S
  10. I'am, but assumed bronzovka would appreciate the feedback With RC8 I only have an issue with h264 in safari, 720p/1080p youtube video's have a green tint/overlay.
  11. RC10 crashes 1passwordhelper and google contact syncing for me. Besides that, I haven't run into trouble.
  12. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/285482-help-with-installations-on-amd/
  13. Are we sure this isn't something opengl related? When I compare my 4870 (only glitches in chrome with flash as far as I know) and my 5450 (lots of glitches in safari etc). The 4870 is way faster (more shader units, higher clockrate), so for me it's hard to believe this is speed related. So I looked up some specifications, these below stood out as the only difference in capabilities (besides raw power of course). 4870 5450 OpenGL version 3.0 3.2 Shader Model 4.1 5.0
  14. Read the post above you
  15. AMD - Geekbench scores

    Snow Leopard: 5543 Mountain Lion: 5499