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  1. It would be easier to help if you actual used complete coherent sentences. Seriously, we don't need your life story. All we need is the problem itself and what you've tried. I sure as hell don't want to read through all this nonsense trying to pick out the tiny little tidbits that do make sense in order to figure it out. I doubt anyone else would want to either. Please, just re-describe it more clearly. Use only relevant information and don't use run-on sentences. Thank you.
  2. Dell Inspiron 5520 SE or 7520

    The 5520 and 7520 are not the same model, so it's kinda hard to answer that.
  3. Dell Inspiron 17R Notebook (Inspiron 7720) - Can run Mac OS X

    I asked a question. I didn't say that you hadn't done it before. Calm down lol.
  4. Dell Inspiron 17R Notebook (Inspiron 7720) - Can run Mac OS X

    Haven't you guys ever done this before?? You need to get all the right kexts installed and all will work... I think I'm gonna go ahead and start mine now...
  5. Dell Inspiron 17R Notebook (Inspiron 7720) - Can run Mac OS X

    First of all, just listing the system specs doesn't allow anyone to truely know whether you will have any issues or not. If you're asking "Is this a good set of hardware to run OS X smoothly?", I would say absolutely. I actually purchased the 7520 model (Inspiron 15R Special Edition) and will most likely be installing OS X today or later this week, so I'll let you know the full details after that if you want. The hardware is very similar. The main difference I see here is that mine has ATI graphics, but video is usually the least of your worries when setting up a Hackintosh. I'll let you know how it goes...