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  1. But I just receive an answer from a person telling that he did get Lion to run on this CPU but with different MB and Graphics Card. But then the problem is in between the components and not in the separate components?
  2. Since I'm getting no response from anywhere for this kernel panic, wouldn't be better to change the cpu? I've researched and the MB and Graphics card are compatible but since the cpu is one of the new ones maybe the problem is in there.
  3. With those arguments, the apple logo appeared in the background and then the same panic http://pedrolaia.com/DSCF6240.JPG
  4. I followed this guide http://www.macbreake...ion-######.html I have a kernel panic, it shows before the installation window appears, there's a lot of loading text and then this http://pedrolaia.com/DSCF6240.JPG
  5. I'm back from vacation! Since ML is out I'm going to install ML instead of Lion. Should I create a new thread or can I go on in this one?
  6. I turned off Intel Virtualization Technology and tryed with -v -x -f cpus=1; -x; -x -f (always with -f) but the result is always the same http://pedrolaia.com/Photo03.JPG I also upgraded the BIOS, does this make a diference?
  7. Done everything, but the message it's still the same.
  8. In the tutorial made by fallen101 I'm stuck on: - if your going to install from a USB we're going to need to install Chameleon -Run the installer. Select the USB drive and click customize and select the packages you require. I can't see no customize button. I'm trying with a friend and we are doing some progress, now, after those long lines of text, the screen goes black and appears text showing errors (I think it's kernel panic). http://pedrolaia.com/Photo03.JPG
  9. [Guide] Installing Mountain Lion.

    I'm stuck on: - if your going to install from a USB we're going to need to install Chameleon -Run the installer. Select the USB drive and click customize and select the packages you require. I'm using an Ext HDD to do the installer. I'm using Chameleon RC5 and already install it, but there is no customize button. What I'm doing wrong?
  10. Uau, thanks for the answer, I was completely lost. Yes, I did try "GraphicsEnabler=Yes" (yatkos s3) and now it appears a lot of text (very fast) and then black screen. Can you give me a link to where to start? I don't even know the keywords to start I found this http://www.tonymacx86.com/viewtopic.php?f=168&t=59052 Should I do this?
  11. It's the same has before, loads a lot of text and then it hangs on a black screen (with busratio=19 or 20).
  12. I'm trying with iatkos L2 and either options appear the apple logo on a gray background and it hangs.
  13. Exchanged MB and Graphics card, now is P8Z68-V pro and asus gtx550, but the problem is the same. When I use -x -v a lot of text appears, then black screen, yes it's after chameleon and after choosing the boot volume. The monitor doesn't go to power save mode, it just stays black. I did try with iatkos s3 and 2 different messages appears showing kernel panic http://pedrolaia.com/DSCF5823.JPG http://pedrolaia.com/DSCF5824.JPG Thanks for the help!
  14. I try with the onboard GPU and pciroot=1 and it's the same. The bios was already updated.
  15. I did try that, but it only shows a black screen