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  1. Hi, I am following this guide : http://tonymacx86.bl...ac-os-x-on.html to install snow leopard on my ivy bridge core i5. I am also using the i boot disk for ivy bridge. So I boot from the i boot disk and then put the mac install disk in, it loads but then freezes at the part where it is telling you to put the batteries inside the magic mouse : it just gets stuck there and for some reason, my trackpad and keyboard does not work after the i boot screen. i am using a samsung series 9 laptop np900x3c-ao1 with intel hd 4000 and core i5 processor.
  2. So I am running Snow leopard and whenever I am trying to boot into mac and I get the Chameleon screen, I would click the boot into mac thing and chameleon flashes and stops dead and reboots my computer. If I boot to my Windows 7 drive, no problem everything works fine. I tried making a bootable chameleon usb and the same thing happened, I choose to boot into mac and it flashes the screen then reboots. What is even more curious is that i can boot into mac if i use ModCd to boot into it with no problems at all. I can boot into windows with no problems at all. Thanks for looking. computer: samsung series 9 ultrabook np900x3c intel core i5 3rd gen intel 4000 graphics
  3. Change Resolution - Intel HD 4000

    thanks for the reply, but im really new to hackintoshing and i couldnt understand half the instructions. do u think u could teach me plz?
  4. Change Resolution - Intel HD 4000

  5. Change Resolution - Intel HD 4000

    I have a Samsung Series 9 dual botted with windows 7 and snow leopard. How can I change the resolution to 1600x900 because in system preferences>display, it only gives me the option to have 1024x768. My graphics card is the intel hd 4000. is there a way I could possible change the resolution by installing drivers or changing kexts, etc? I tried adding this: <key>Graphics Mode</key> <string>1280x1024x32</string> after this: <string></string> in /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/com.apple.Boot.plist but it still doesnt work.
  6. I recently dual booted my Samsung Series 9 with windows 7 and snow leopard and I was wondering how to get wifi on it. I have the Intel Centrino Advanced N 6235 wireless chip but I cant find the mac driver for it. Is there any way to find the driver or kext or even to find an alternative way to get wifi on mac hackintosh?
  7. I am trying to dual boot my Samsung Series 9 NP900X3C-A01US. So I am currently running Windows 7 on my series 9 and I want to be able to boot from my external hard drive since I dont have a optical drive. So basically, I want to be able to run windows 7, and when I have my external hard drive plugged in, run os X. The mac osx files would stay on the hard drive and my windows files would be on my internal solid state drive. I think my main problem is making the bootable usb drive so that i can boot and install mac onto the external hard drive. I already have the .dmg and the .iso files of osx lion and the external hard drive i am using is the Seagate® Expansion 500 GB USB 3.0 Portable External Hard Drive (STAX500102). What I have already done is mount the iso file onto the hard drive and changed the bios settings to usb. I'm not positive if I mounted it correctly or not because after I mount it and try to open the hard drive's file, it tells me that i need to format the drive. is it even possible for me to do this? much help is appreciated. thank you so much.
  8. so i used the nawcom cd and mac cd and successfully installed mac to my windows partition. i think osx is my main partition now. i tried rebooting and it gave me the chameleon boot loader to choose which os i wanted to boot to and it works fine. Then I used a windows recovery disk to make it so that i could boot into windows. i then made the windows partition active. On windows, i used easybcd to make it so i could dual boot using the windows partition. Then I rebooted my computer after rebooting, i choose the mac boot up but this time it shows me a different chameleon page and i select mac osx and then it gets stuck at this grey apple logo screen. If i use the nawcom cd to boot into mac, it works, without the cd, it doesn’t. how can I make it so that i can boot into my windows partition which then lets me choose what os i want to boot to (because of easybcd) then i choose mac osx and the chameleon boot loader loads up and allows me to boot mac normally? So basically whenever i try to boot into mac osx, it gets stuck on a grey apple boot up screen gets stuck on a grey apple boot up screen
  9. Hi I really need help please... heres my situation: i successfully booted os x onto my computer that was already running windows 7. i tried rebooting but it only brought me to the mac os x boot so i used the windows 7 recovery disk. on the disk, i clicked repair windows but it couldnt find my windows operating system. please help! if you could be kind enough to tell me step by step what i should do... thank you so much