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  1. Thanks for your help. So when you said " Lion may be updated soon and bring some unexpected "features"." you mean you shouldn't upgrade minor releases because it can cause your system to b0rk? So it's not safe to upgrade even minor revisions (e.g. 10.7.1 to 10.7.2) because of "unexpected features" which could make your system unstable? So once you install one version of OS X, you should not upgrade unless shown by the community to be okay? Is it easier to install a VM of OS X rather than a full installation of OS X on my computer? Perhaps it is better to install Win7 on my T420 and use OS X in a virtualbox or vmware VM? The reason I want 10.8 is because of the iCloud sync/integration. That is *really* nice! Thanks for fielding my questions!
  2. Thanks! But what do you mean the best method to install OSX on this hardware is from the retail disk? I have a retail disk-- so I just stick it in and it will install? I thought I needed a hackintosh installer or sorts, and had to edit ktext files?
  3. Newbie here: I have a Thinkpad T420 with integrated graphics. Is upgrading between 10.7.x versions difficult, or does it just work? Anything I should be careful about as I install 10.7 with this guide? Can I dual boot Windows 7 and Linux on my SSD, or does OS X need to be the only OS on the drive? Finally, has anyone tried 10.8 yet on their T420? Will there be an upgrade path from 10.7.x or do you have to do a fresh install? If that latter, I may wait until 10.8 is released. Thanks for your patience and help!
  4. So I can't partition my SSD to install OS X on? The hope was to use the SSD for each OS install for the speed. I'm considering moving to FreeNAS ultimately. Right now this file server also serves as a htpc. I am building a htpc now that will run Win7 (though I read that xbmc now supports HD Audio on Mac, so I may try to do a mac htpc, if possible...). I just miss using OS X full time and I'd use the fileserver as a desktop machine as well. If I can install 10.8 on my Thinkpad T420, then that would be fine and I wouldn't feel the need to have OSX on this desktop, I just assumed installing OSX on a desktop is easier than a laptop.... I saw an OS X 10.7.x guide for the Thinkpad T420... would be nice to know if it can be upgraded to 10.8, either now or when the final release becomes available... PS: What is the best method to install OSX on this hardware?
  5. I did a search but nothing came up. This is the mobo I have in my fileserver, that I'd like to install OSX on. Does it work? What would I need to get hackintosh to run? 10.7.x preferred. Thanks!
  6. Hi, I built a fileserver with the following specs: Intel DH67CL mobo i3 proc with HD3000 graphics 8GB ram 3 3TB HDDs 1 2TB HDD 1 60GB SSD GeForce GT430 (99% sure- bought for Linux compatibility with HDMI audio) I'd like to install Mac OS X on it. If I get the DP4 10.8 preview, will I be able to easily upgrade to the stable release? If not, do you suggest I wait until the stable release comes out, or will setting up the stable release not take so much time? Will the hardware I have work with hackintosh? What method would you suggest I go about to install hackintosh on this system? I would like to keep the Windows 7 and Linux partitions, if possible... Thanks!