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  1. I reached the insallation menu successfully this time but, it says: "A Guid Partitioning Scheme Is Required" is there any solution to not lose-(formatting) all the hdd ? because i can't make guid a partition. I must make whole hdd guid and it means all data will blow up.
  2. Deagles

    What network cards work?

    I'm looking for a usb wifi dongle for Hacintosh does anyone have an advice which usb wi-fi dongle i shoud get for 10.9 Mavericks ?
  3. Deagles

    10.9 Ivy Bridge-E, Atom & Lapic Fix Kernel

    I'm using this kernel with my 4770k cpu and it works perfectly i didn't change anything too
  4. Giant thanks dude ! İt works perfectly
  5. First i downloaded OS X 10.9 Install USB.raw file then i write this to the usb with Windows ImageWriter as they said. My friend installed the mavericks seamlessly and quickly with MSİ Z77A G65 motherboard he changed nothing. any bios options. MSİ did pretty well this time. But when i try to install. my Z87 GD65 motherboard this codes appeared in the below . when i press the install buton. then system restarting.. Does anyone have an idea how to deal with this thing ? P Problem is fixed. Download this Mach_kernel and copy it into the installation usb with Transmac. İf it's work then copy it into the Mavericks disk change the old one.
  6. Hello people how's it going i hope well anyways let's get to work I have the same processor but i have msi motherboard it's a gd65 z87 with Intel® 8 Series/C220 Chipset Family SATA AHCI Controller and Asmedia asm 1061 also featuring Realtek alc1150 But i have some problems with my iHac Pro First i install the iatkos ml2 on WMware its'a virtual machine and everythings went fine no boot problems no sound or eternet problems then i tried to install real iatkos installation was good i didn't touched any kext in the installation section except disable the graphicsenabler because im using a gtx titan yeah like i said installation was great but system doens't boot this screen appeared İ tried to boot -z -f and nothing happend except the same screen i can only boot the system using "-x" a.k.a safe mode but yeah nothings works in the safe mode i replaced the AppleACPIPlatform.kext i delete the IOBBluetoothFamily and IOBBluetoothHIDDriv kexts and doesn't work samething happening also i upgrade the mac kernel to OSXUpdCombo10.8.5_12F30Seed in the safe mode and.. system completely destruction i mean it started to unending restarts Here's my fully system hardware MSİ GD65 Z87 Motherboard Intel® 8 Series/C220 Chipset Family SATA AHCI Controller and Asmedia asm 1061 also featuring Realtek alc1150 İ7 4770K CPU Corsair Veangence Rams Gigabyte gtx titan Corsair Force gs ssd drive Meanwhile actually i tried to install ml3u first but it always stucks the installtion menu it's interesting and frustrating