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  1. Hello, I'm in a similar situation as nufanec and would love some guidance. I'm going to pull the trigger on a hackintosh attempt due to both my desire to try some pc gaming (will also be running windows) and my wife's desire to purchase a new Apple computer for her film editing. Neither of these was a strong enough reason alone to take on what might be a headache but now I can justify my desire to squander money and time on building a gaming computer by the secondary purpose of seeing if I can come up with a hackintosh that would fit my wife's needs, especially after the lackluster WWDC '12 announcements. If I can't make her a hackintosh I can still play dayZ. I'm having trouble finding the dirt simple 'here's how to proceed with the hardware' kind of info someone like me needs after coming from limited options Apple to 'holy {censored} how many motherboards are there!?' pc land. I'm sure there is no simple answers and the ton of options is a great thing, but a little daunting for starting out. Asus seems to be a good bet, and the new thunderbolt capable motherboards seems good. I understand getting the latest/greatest pc hardware before apple has implimented the same features might leave some features unusable, but buying a motherboard that has the capabilities of what's coming out on Mac Pro eventually is a good idea I think. Searching for the motherboards on Amazon shows like 6 different versions with imperceptible (to me) differences though. Is there any resource here that I haven't found that will A. give some good advice on how to proceed hardware wise, not just with a huge list of what has worked but maybe some recommendations and B. some primer on understanding the subtle differences between all the processors/motherboards, like a guide to pc's for mac users. I passed both those tests easy when I joined this morning so not a hopeless moron but certainly trying to climb a steep learning curve here. Thanks for any and all advice. I'm sure this info is all here on this site. Any links or general advice is appreciated.