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  1. Success with GA-EP35-DS3L

    thank you sniffer dog. I have a plan to built ancient pc to osx96 too, my mainboard is ep35-ds3p.. I hope it work..
  2. how to run 3 monitors ? My graphic card is HIS 6850, 2 DVI ,1 HDMI, 1 Display port My monitor is 2 led monitor connection by dvi port and 1 Led Tv connection hdmi. 2 DVI & 1 DP it's could be work? Display port to DVI for 1 LED Monitor, 1 DVI to 1 LED monitor, 1 DVI to HDMI for Led TV. http://www.hisdigital.com/UserFiles/produc...50_6870_ENU.pdf look at 13 page
  3. Hi Moh_vista Thank you verymuch. i waiting cx20561 kext a long time. your kext is work great all of functions. but i have KP some time at boot and it not have a sound after sleep and it run on 32bit only. so today i try to edit my voodoohda from you dump code for int.mic,ext.mic and auto switch output. it work great and work after sleep too, except HDMi and DIGI out. I edit from VoodooHDA V. 0.2.53 VoodooHDA.kext.zip
  4. Use VoodooHDA 2.52 work all of function...
  5. VoodooHDA

    hi... i use CX20561 (Compaq CQ60-218TX) i have a same problem too. speakers, headphone work, but not auto switch and internal Mic/ external Mic not work. i have a solution for fix that problem by sleep one time after turn on laptop ,and use the way of sleep watcher from this topic. when my laptop wake up from sleep auto detect output/input and internal microphone is working grate. maybe this way can help you.
  6. VoodooHDA

    Hi... am use VoodooHDA on CX20561 and it work all... except Microphone internal and auto switch output and when computer sleep sound is not comeback. but now i use a sleepwatcher to get a sound back from wakeup and it work very well... because Microphone internal and auto switch output is work too.... Q: 1. why sleepwatcher make it work all ? 2. or some kext unload when computer sleep and sleepwatcher load kext only voodoohda ? 3. So may be i must delete some kext before install VoodooHDA.kext or not? because i didn't delected anything about audio.... thankyou...
  7. Conexant HDA on Snow Leopard

    am tired many way to let it work.... 1. snowleopard doesn't work with AppleHDA.kext anymore or try this it for CX20561 and unstable give a some KP. 2. now am use voodoohda.kext it work well.... what versions r you use? because some version give a KP too try this
  8. Not news .... sleep/wake up problem.......
  9. conexant cx20561 small change :)

    well done THX..
  10. umm... yes. i think voodoohda work very well. but driver in this topic is almost completely just only thing "sleep/wake up" . so maybe somebody have new idea?
  11. Driver Pack for 10.5.7

  12. Ok i answer my question... it not work... it can't sleep and can't wake......
  13. thankyou very much mehdy. it work on my system 10.5.7, not panic anymore and shutdown problem has solved. it still auto switch Headphone and internal speaker but it lost internal/External microphone. 1. what can i do for make microphone work? i deleted apple02audio but it still have ALCinject. or i could delete ALCinject too ? or can i copy old appleHDAControl to your appleHDA.kext ? 2. i lost sound agin when i wake up from sleep. now i use voodoohda, it have a this problem too but they have a way to make it work by this topic http://thireus.dareyourmind.net/index.php/...akes-from-sleep can i applied it to your appleHDA or not ?
  14. my cx20561 have problem.... it can't shutdown, when i try to shutdown it will pinic everytime. i use the way of mehdy but it not work for me still pinic..... plas help
  15. Nvidia 9200M GE

    i got NVCAP from rvbsetup program on windows. this programs is only one programs can get VGA BIOS But not work too. it still black screen.. NVCAP Geforce 9200M GE : 04000000 00000500 02000000 00000007 00000000