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  1. 10.8.x + hp xw4600

    HI, I managed to get a few XW's and an HP Z800 running running Lion, its been a while but I'll try to detail some of the issues, I just got a new XW8400 with tons of ram and 8 cores unit so will be trying for Mountain Lion soon. Bios: The sata/raid controller doesnt work too well with MAC OSX but works just fine with ahci selected and sas connection for hdd's. I wasted alot of time with DSDT files that ruined the whole setup and never had success. Once OS was installed had to sort the Audio, using graphics enabler I could get graphics and all resolutions however my unit has a cad graphics card and i couldnt get it to enable acceleration in 64bit and NVenabler wont support dual monitor output. Dropped the OS into 32bit and accelleration was enabled. Network interface required a Kext (BCMXXXX = cant recall this at the moment) and then the addition of the device ID to make it work followed by rebuilding the permissions and restart.
  2. There are usually ways to create a raid volume in the hardware controller of a device, this is often seperate to the bios but is accessed in a similar way when you are booting. If your disks were in raid and you have wiped them that doesnt mean the controller is not holding them in a volume (even if there is no data in that volume). I had a look around on teh key press to do this but couldnt find one, it could be in the manual. Seems like your bios is well and truly limited by Sony which is a shame... hope you can get past this!
  3. iAtkos l2 burning

    On windows you can use an application called Transmac, its shareware and has a trial period... I'm assuming you have the distro as an image file (.dmg) ??
  4. Putting iatkos l2 on asus g72gx help

    Likely a conflict for IRQ's etc possibly caused by one of your original install fixes being overwritten... I had the same issue with my desktop however I was able to sort it with a ps2 keyboard and deleted the AppleHPET.kext however this may not be the solution for you since your issue could be related to something different. Do some googling and see what you can find with your device and that problem but Doubt you have a PS2 keyboard so if the solution is the same as mine you would need to connect your hdd to another mac and get that other os to remove the file... other thing is to let people here know which of the boot loaders you have installed, if your on the default for Iaktos then you probably have chameleon. Try the boot switches that allow safe mode such as -x, I beleive you can also force boot loader settings too such as USB fix etc...
  5. [FIX Thanks eep357]help Lion iATKos L2

    ok good luck, make sure your OS is in 32 bit mode! you can force it from the start up command arch=i386 and make it more permenant later Also make sure you clear / rebuild cache and repair permissions using the OSX tools as this is very important
  6. HP z800 install help

    Old post, I suspect you have given up or solved the issue by now but should any one else find it here is how... First, take your hdd out of the Sata Raid controller and install it connected to the SAS controller (port 0) Run the install and when you get to the hdd select you need to press control-F2 which will take the focus to the top menu bar, then use the arrow keys to navigate to the disk utility, once there you have to tab and format your drives etc... When thats done you can tab and select the drive you need. Once your in to OSX (assuming this all goes well) you will have to use the keyboard which is a pain as by default its disabled for "full control" so you will first need to get into system settings and enable full control by tabbing accross... Once you have enabled full control you need to open finder then delete a AppleHPET.kext and then reboot and your usb should be working.
  7. [FIX Thanks eep357]help Lion iATKos L2

    NV Enabler is an option to install from the custom install option. Chameleon has the option "graphics enabler", if you use NV enabler then graphics enabler must = no. I think you will need to change to 32bit mode and set graphics enabler to yes. then according to the instruction link I posted earlier you will need to edit the kext to contain your device id... 1. Install Lion 2. After Install: Go to System/Library/Extensions/ and open up (right click and Show Package Content) the NVDAGF100Hal.kext. 3. Go to Contents and open up the file info.plist 4. Go to the following line in the file and add your own device id, (I have put the device ID for your card in the last line as you can see below, 0x120010de&0xffe0ffff ) <string> 0x06c010de&0xffe0ffff 0x0dc010de&0xffc0ffff 0x0e2010de&0xffe0ffff 0x0ee010de&0xffe0ffff 0x0f0010de&0xffc0ffff 0x104010de&0xffc0ffff 0x124010de&0xffc0ffff 0x120010de&0xffe0ffff </string> 5. Mac will ask you to duplicate it. Do that and save the file somewhere else. Replace it the old one with the new one. 6. In my case (I've got Chamelon installed): enable Graphics Enabler 7. Restart your mac. Done. quick note, you can download an application called OSX86tools here... https://code.google.com/p/osx86tools/ this will allow you to fix permisions and clear the cache etc which you should do when you have edited or installed kext's etc
  8. [FIX Thanks eep357]help Lion iATKos L2

    At the top of the install options there is "graphics enabler" then further down under system drivers there is the NV enabler and 2 others. if you use NV enabler then done use any of the other 3, Personally I'd just try the top one. If you have OS X booting now (depending on the boot loader you installed, chameleon??) you can probably select that in the options. your next challenge is getting the graphics card enabled, read through this for your graphics card install guide... http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=260074 and also QE/CI acceleration, to test QE/CI follow this video guide... You should always buy the software even if you use tools like Iatkos to install it!, Mac OS X Lion is available on USB from the store or download from app store online. Its pretty cheap http://store.apple.com/us/product/MD256Z/A
  9. [FIX Thanks eep357]help Lion iATKos L2

    nice music! You chose a whole lot of options there very quickly! some will cause more problems that others!!! for example you chose graphics enabler at the top, then NV enabler at the bottom and then another nvidia enabler... so thats 3 graphics enablers for 1 graphics card! The NVenabler cant be enabled with another enabler or graphics enabler. you also chose Chameleon as the boot loader however the person I posted earlier (who had success with your board) used chimera 1.6.0 (iatkos), I'd try 32bit, and VoodooHDA, graphics enabler and the other boot loader and leave everything else more or less standard at first. make sure that you have tried the other bios settings and minimised the cores that are active in your bios. When it runs after the install try to use -x or -a, see if you can view what the final kext or loading file was before it crashes out, I couldnt make that out from the video...
  10. Guess no one wants em, will get them to the tip then!
  11. [FIX Thanks eep357]help Lion iATKos L2

    The norm is to choose AHCI (usually to enable the bootloader to function), this would be the way I'd try it first however on one I built recently (and based on some comments I read) AHCI was not required for IAtkos. On mine I had to use a SAS port (as the SATA controller would not work and SATA drives function ok in SAS atleast long enough to buy a supported controller card). Some have had to enable it as Sata/IDE I did a quick search on your board and found a comment on these bios settings... (source here :http://www.osx86.net...-3-gen-3-a.html) SATA Mode = AHCI SpeedStep (EIST) = Enabled HPET = Enabled (64bit if possible) Suspend Mode = Only S3 C / C2 / C3 / C4-States = Enabled Overclock = Disabled I also found this: (source here: http://www.insanelym...howtopic=275047) Z68 Extreme 3 Gen 3 Z68 Sleep, shutdown, and reboot all work Intel Core i5-2500k XFX Ati 4850 1GB Wireless 802.11N Rt2860 Stock audio Mouse scroll is backwards, use scroll reverser, free in appstore, or website ###### 4.1.0 VoodooHDA (installed from iAtkos Ralink Kext must use arch=1386 (ralink website) chimera 1.6.0 (iatkos) EVOREBOOT for reboot and shutdown (###### from tonymac) Graphics(install from iatkos, and from ######) Appstore (must not install any network driver untill everything else is done, then install ethernet driver first, then install wireless, make sure ethernetbulitin is true. Must boot iatkos l2 using -v, might sit on saying could not find bootcache. Let it sit for about 5-10 mins, it will come up with the installer. His Graphics are different to yours so possibly ignore that for now. One key point is his mention of Ralink which is WLAN and he has put arch=i386 which essentially is 32bit mode. Secondly your bios images show all cores active. Until you have it all working I would recomend only running on 1 core, and maximum 4gb of ram (you can change both back once things are running). Did you make any customisation options during the install? Another note: here is some options for the boot switches : http://www.macbreake...t-flags_29.html you could try this for example, arch=i386 Forces Mac OS X to boot into 32-bit mode. Sometimes, your CPU or graphics card won't be fully supported in OS X unless you boot into 32-bit mode. Unlike in Windows, booting the 32-bit kernel for Mac OS X does not limit your total amount of RAM to 4 GB, and you can still run 64-bit applications. However, single applications cannot use up more than 4 GB of RAM, so this is a disadvantage if you do professional video editing, or something else that takes up a lot of RAM. cpus=1 This boot flag limits Mac OS X to using one core of your CPU. You can use more than one at a time... for example : -x -v arch=i386 cpus=1
  12. [FIX Thanks eep357]help Lion iATKos L2

    from my install from this distro if you dont select 32bit then it defaults to 64. To get to the option you have to select customize during the install then select the drop down menu's. See this Image for all the install custom options... I've installed a few Nvidia cards into Lion and some stopped it booting, others worked but I couldn't get graphics acceleration in 64bit mode. The -v and -x options should give you more info and if its nothing major the -x may let you boot up and then change these options (some of them can be configured from the chameleon boot loader under settings (at the bottom) once your in OS X
  13. [FIX Thanks eep357]help Lion iATKos L2

    at the boot menu OS choice you could try some switches... as an example -v is verbose and will run through the start up in sequence to show you what it is failing on as this is normally the point it crashes... Did you select 32bit or 64bit in the Iatkos settings when installing? I had a problem with Nvidia and Graphics enabler = yes when running in 64bit... try running the switch -x which will hopefully allow you to boot the os, at which point you can look into how things are... if no luck after these simple steps post some more information about the OS choices you made when installing. Also details on what you have set in the bios too... Disabling additional cores (not simply setting CPUID max 1) enabling VT, etc... Cheers Nico
  14. Hi everyone, I'm pretty new to the forum, however I managed to gain tons of information without even posting and I've just completed my upgrade to Lion in a Mac G5 case. As a result I have a working Power Mac G5 power supply and a few fans that are about to start gathering dust. If anyone wants these please PM me with your UK address and I'll get a postage cost. if your prepared to pay pal me the shipping I'll box up the bits and send em out. First come first served, if no response in a few days I'll take them to the local recycle skip but thought they may be of use for someone's project? Cheers Nico as a side note, I have no issue with shipping anywhere else however I'm fairly sure postage will cost you a fortune... the parts are also available for collection from Nottingham City, GB and I also work near Solihull area several times a week.
  15. Introduce yourself.

    Hi I'm Nico I've been a member for a short time and really using the forum to help me search and get information on my latest OSX project. I (in the past) have messed about with an OSX86 project on an old hp desktop and managed to get Leopard installed which in turn got me addicted to the world of Macs and video editing etc... as a result an upgrade was required so I've recently completed (still needs some tidying of cables!) a build of an HP XW4600 into a Power Mac G5 Case running Lion perfectly (only in 32bit with the Nvidia graphics card for now) all thanks to information I found here (didnt even need to post to get help! - search is my friend :-) ). Next project is converting a dual quad core processor HP XW6400 with 24gb of ram into a G5 case (not an easy task as the internals are huge!!) PC and Mac G5 case on the way! Anyway just wanted to say hi and hopefully I'll be active on the forum when I get the time! Cheers