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  1. I worked it out, seems like I had to specify pmVersion=0 - I was running 10.6.8 and it started randomly developing these issues, It just refused to boot one day and that's after I started troubleshooting. As for the script hanging, it would hang using the BASH commands but i tried a 5th time today and it seemed to work perfectly thanks
  2. having some issues with my 10.6.8 install, it wont boot and I get a "No OS Set yet" 'kernel panic' when trying to boot. I've tried reinstalling bootloader (same i've used, i believe, Chameleon v2.0 RC5r691) installed kexts from v6.06 script and DSDT patch and no luck. I tried to make a 10.8 boot disk with the latest script but with no luck...script hangs in the middle of the process... I just want my 10.6.8 up and running, it's been at least 2 days with this issue. my com.apple.boot.plist: &--#60;?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?&--#62; &--#60;!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" "http://www.apple.com/DTDs/PropertyList-1.0.dtd"&--#62; &--#60;plist version="1.0"&--#62; &--#60;dict&--#62; &--#60;key&--#62;EthernetBuiltIn&--#60;/key&--#62; &--#60;string&--#62;Yes&--#60;/string&--#62; &--#60;key&--#62;Graphics Mode&--#60;/key&--#62; &--#60;string&--#62;1280x1024x32&--#60;/string&--#62; &--#60;key&--#62;GraphicsEnabler&--#60;/key&--#62; &--#60;string&--#62;Yes&--#60;/string&--#62; &--#60;key&--#62;Kernel&--#60;/key&--#62; &--#60;string&--#62;mach_kernel&--#60;/string&--#62; &--#60;key&--#62;Kernel Flags&--#60;/key&--#62; &--#60;string&--#62;-v arch=i386&--#60;/string&--#62; &--#60;key&--#62;Timeout&--#60;/key&--#62; &--#60;string&--#62;1&--#60;/string&--#62; &--#60;/dict&--#62; &--#60;/plist&--#62;
  3. Alright, I'll try to EFI bootloader. Also, if -s is single-user, what's Safe mode? lol DSDT log: [H[2Jdyld: unknown required load command 0x80000022 [H[2JDSDT Patcher 1.0.1e -- report Bugs to superfassl@gmail.com enclose "DSDT Patcher/Debug/USER.tar" Press any key to continue... Getting the DSDT through ioreg... Decompiling the DSDT... Done, now start the Patching! Could not open file ./dsdt.dsl There were errors pacthing the RTC Compiling failed second attempt! Procedure aborted.
  4. I did that, but when I type in -s in the Cham 2.0 RC4 official release bootloader, I get no prompt after that and I get this: Im installing OSX from the 10.6.0 dvd release the initial release. EDIT: I also get this: DSDT compiling failed both attempts! See DSDT output log for details. Can I use the DSDT from Leopard on this?
  5. lol. Yeah, I'm doing it from my Leopard install -- installed using your method for Leopard -- Install.log: http://tinypaste.com/dd594 Boot_cache.log: http://tinypaste.com/b960f
  6. Wow. this process if kicking my ass.. I was able to install Leopard just fine but Snow Leopard is killing me.. anyway, I get this error when using the 5th menu -- kexts installation -- Normal mode "324 of 3 kexts failed to make it into cache! See logs for details." logs say stuff like: "kextcache: found invalid extension AppleStorageDrivers.kext/Contents/PlugIns/OxfordSemiconductor.kext kextcache: kext /Volumes/SnowL/System/Library/Extensions/AppleStorageDrivers.kext/Contents/PlugIns/PioneerSuperDrive.kext is not valid kextcache: found invalid extension AppleStorageDrivers.kext/Contents/PlugIns/PioneerSuperDrive.kext"
  7. speaking of sound too, my front sound ports dont work. Using a Cooling Master HAF 932 case. and which of the connectors have to be connected? there's two, usually one black and one yellow.. one says AC'97 or something. Using Leopard 10.5.8 any help would be appreciated.
  8. Do you have to install Leopard first and then upgrade to SL or can you just install SL? I've been trying to get SL to boot but no luck at all, it seems to kernel panic when trying to boot. and it says "No OS set" or something along those lines
  9. I don't know why I didn't try it before, but I removed the PCI USB card and it worked. I guess it was recognizing the USB card as a NIC? I don't know, but the point is, is that it works now. thanks a ton guys If anyone cares, http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16815166001 that's the USB card I installed. Sweet, now to try and upgrade to Snow Leopard on my second hdd. On another note,I have another small problem, sometimes my video goes out, I get like pink lines and sometimes other colours. I'm using an nvidia 9800GTX+ 512MB and the NVkush.kext usually it happens when video editing or using photoshop
  10. Noted. My ethernet did work. perfectly. but when I installed a new hdd and a PCI usb card it worked once i booted back and then i rebooted and it stopped. It can't be the card or the hdd, right?
  11. nice! but sadly, my only available PCI slot is occupied by my USB card and the other slot is being blocked by my GPU I had F8 updated to F9E, which is the latest I saw on the site. Updated and I got 10.*.*.* IPs, still no net. but both ports say they're connected. I reset the CMOS, and then I got self assigned IPs, rebooted and back to 10.--- IPs Edit: I disconnected my ethernet cables and OSX still said "Connected" with a 10. IP and a subnet mask and no router IP. then I left my cables disconnected, rebooted and it still remains the same.., that's weird and lame
  12. Nope, seems like my ports are messed up. the status LED on the ports work though, so I don't know. Can anyone recommend a good PCI-E NIC that'll work on OSX? inexpensive preferred
  13. My ethernet ports arent working, under 10.5.8. they seem to have died... they were working fine once and then after a reboot bam, dead. IONetworkFamily.kext (i think is the name of the kext) is in /Extra and not under S/L/E and still dont work... anyone care to help? Thank you guys
  14. Can someone post a formal tutorial on how to upgrade to Snow Leopard? I'm dying to upgrade but really can't follow along all these different tutorials saying how to get SL working :/ thanks!
  15. Leopard Installation Method

    You get an error. So I installed it using this method: