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  1. Zero's Mac Pro case mod

    so i tested all lines on the power supply and found that all voltages are within their range, but the strange thing is that all voltages are live even before the pwr_on signal is shorted. so when i tried hooking up a 5v line to the standby 5v line on the motherboard and nothing else the board power up fine (no flashing post lcd). does anyone know a way around this? other updates is that the board ill be using (P55M-UD4) should be here tomorrow or saturday. need to order a optical drive tray now.
  2. Zero's Mac Pro case mod

    had the power supply all wired up tonight, and connected it to my test board (a dead striker extreme) and it does get power, but it seems like something is wrong as the post screen in the back flickers. i cant remember if it always did that and i really dont want to test this in my working system, so i look at the only problem that there might be in this setup, what i was doing with the 5v lines: the way i have it setup is that the 12v lines are connected to the 12v v1 rail, and the eps12v connector is on the v2 rail. the 5 5v lines are split into 2 groups, one with 2 5v lines and the 5vsb line, and one with 3 5v lines and the pwr_ok line (mac pro psu doesnt have a pwr_ok line so im bypassing it that way. the group with the 5vsb line is connected to a line from the psu that is still feeding 5v before powerup. the grounds are all randomly connected to the rest of the open grounds on plugs 2 and 4. note how i only have 2 5v wires to choose from (the third is going to power drives.) is there anything that im missing? im going to try and bring out the voltmeter and test every wire tomorrow but just wanted to see everyone elses opinions? thanks!
  3. Zero's Mac Pro case mod

    couple years ago i did a powermac G5 mod, never did a thread on it but took pictures. but now since ive upgraded my system, i thought why not upgrade the case too? so now i finally sourced a mac pro case (which are very hard to come across locally in hawaii) and just did a straight trade for my old modified G5 case. and this is the temporary home of my components. http://i853.photobucket.com/albums/ab94/sh...i5/IMG_6059.jpg i got the case almost bare, except for the one fan and the cabling. im going to need to find a optical drive tray, HDD trays, all the ducting and a front panel. but i did get a working power supply with it: from what ive been gathering on the thread on aquamac about converting an ATX power supply for use in a mac pro, the mac pro power supply is only missing a pwr_ok (which im sure can be faked) and a -12v for the motherboard. has anyone figured out a solution for that? i have everything else figured out like where to get power for drives and pci-e. im going to attempt to do this without any cuts this time, or at most just the I/O panel in the back.
  4. hi, this is my first time trying to install osx on my system: asus striker extreme e6750 processor 8800gt video card im trying to have my hard drives set up like this: drive 1: windows (36gb raptor) drive 2: storage (1 TB seagate) drive 3: osx (80gb WD) drive 4: dvd drive all drives are SATA. installation went without a hitch, got the green checkmark and restarted, then when i tried to boot into drive 3, it goes straight to boot0: MBR boot0: done boot1: error i am using ipc 10.5.6, could this be about a bootloader? im not sure if the ipc package im using installs that automatically or if i have to install myself. if so how do you do that? also, does anyone know if it is possible to install 10.6 or 10.7 on this setup? i have the retail versions of those as well. thanks for any help!