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  1. ok, point one is done, i've got problems with the other 2, any suggestion?
  2. Ok, I installed Snow leopard without any kind of problem. Quite everything works. But now I have 3 issues: 1, I can only boot with mod cd inserted. 2, I don't know how to update (now I'm on 10.6) 3.My graphic cards doesn't work well (It's a Ati Mobility Radeon HD 4330 and I had the ID). Can Anyone Help me? Thanks.
  3. If I get a kernel panic? What can I do? EDIT I do not understand the part where the guide says: "Step 1: You will need to find out the PNP ID for your features you want to work, such as Ethernet, Wireless, Graphics, etc. This is one of the most important steps!!! Do NOT skip this step, or you will go through many pains trying to figure your IDs out when things don't work out-of-the-box. From Windows, download Unknown Devices (linked below; download version 1.2 for XP, and the beta for Vista/7) and open it. Then look for things such as VGA-Compatible Controller, Ethernet Controller, etc. as shown in the linked screen shot. Click the plus box for the controller and for PNP ID and write down the four numbers/letters after VEN_ and DEV_. If Unknown Devices doesn't work, use the Device Manager in Windows; you simply double-click the hardware, choose the Details tab, and either choose Device Instance IDs (XP) or Hardware IDs (Vista/7). From Linux, open the Terminal and type lspci -nn > pciids.txt. This will save a document called pciids.txt in your home folder where you can easily access it." What is it needed for? I do not find the PNP ID (Now I am on Windows 8 Consumer Preview)
  4. I only can Install a version of Tiger on it (JaS 10.4.8) how can I upgrade? in Tiger i have no working devices -.-"
  5. Thanks for your help This is my only pc so I don't care if it is with lion or snow leopard can anyone guide or help me? even on fb if it is more "confortable" EDIT I had this ISO - Snow_Leopard_Client_Server_10.6.2_SSE2_SSE3_Intel_AMD_by_Hazard
  6. Hello Everyone! I'm an Italian Boy who loves Mac but doesn0't have enough money to buy one (sorry for my bad english). Sorry if this is the wrong section of the forum for help! I have an Acer 5538G with Windows 8, I would like to install an hackintosh on it. I already tried, but i always have kenel panic. Only once i installed mac osx 10.4 but there were no kext for it (-.-). I need help if it it possible. Thanks
  7. Introduce yourself.

    Hi I'm antoniotomeo and I'm very honored to be here to help and to be helped with hackintosh I'm Italian so sorry for my bad english tnx a lot for your help