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  1. Got it to work finally! I restored the friendly Mountain Lion image to the 2nd partition, copied all the DDST's and extra folder over from my 2nd disk's Lion partition. At this point I was getting a message about no operation system found. I fixed it by resetting the active partition with Windows 7's boot disk command line and DISKPART, then used EasyBCD to enable it. I do not have a fancy bootloader, but at least it works now...
  2. I'm having some issues trying to get the ML friendly image running on my XPS 17. I don't know if it is because of my current setup, here it is: I had installed a 2nd hard disk and at first installed Lion on it with the iAtkos L2 DVD method, keeping my Win 7 partition on the 1st hard disk. Lion was working perfectly this way, except somehow the disks would keep on switching back and forth randomly when booting up in either windows or OSX: ie. Windows disk would either display as disk0 or disk1 and OSX disk would display as the opposite, but those would switch at reboot sometimes. I have then repartitionned the 1st hard disk into 2 partitions, installed Windows 7 in the 1st and then restored the ML Friendly image onto the 2nd one and then installed Chameleon onto that partition and used the DSTs and other files from my 10.7 disk. When booting from the 1st hard disk, the disk0-disk1 mixing up would still occur, but also sometimes things were working or they weren't: one bootup and ML would have USB working and no artifacts, the next bootup USB wouldn't work and I was getting lots of artifacts. I have come to think that it was maybe booting up and getting the boot sequence from the 10.7 partition on my 2nd hard disk from time to time when USB was working. I have also tried taking out the 2nd hard disk, but then it wouldn't boot anymore, giving me a Boot0/Boot1 error which even after setting the partition as active, it wouldn't work. I have also tried restoring the ML image to a usb stick and installed Chameleon, but I still get the Boot0/Boot1 error. I'm kind of out of ideas as to how to get ML to run on my 1st hard disk, I'd really like to just format the 2nd disk and just use it for storage. Maybe I just don't know how to install Chameleon properly? Or I haven't gotten the right Chameleon package? I'm using the latest one... Brockoli
  3. Is Mountain Lion working ok on the L702x? Should I try to update my install of Lion to it? JF
  4. Hi Jobarrien, I had the exact same thing happening during installation. To get it to complete, I would move the mouse, or press any key on the keyboard and it would continue with the installation. Looks like the laptop is switching on sleep mode or something at those last 2 minutes...
  5. Well, that didn't fix it . It seems to be working fine for a few minutes after booting up, but then if I open up disk utility a bit later, I'll get a beachball and have to force quit it. I tried unplugging any USB devices that are connected (USB stick, external HDD, mouse) and I am able to get Disk Utility running anytime. So I have disabled a few of the USB features in the BIOS (A17) to see if that improves things and so far so good, no more beachballs when using USB. JF
  6. Fixed it by running Disk Utility from the iAtkos DVD and repairing permissions...
  7. I've got a problem with Disk Utility hanging as soon as I launch it from 10.7.4 on my L702x. I have 2 hard drives installed on my laptop, with OSX installed on the second one. Is it a setting in the BIOS that is incorrect that would do that? The 2 times I completed the install, when I wanted to use disk utility I would get a beach ball and it doesn't show any disks. JF
  8. Thanks DoiX, I did a fresh install and updated to 10.7.4 without adding SSDT1-3 again and this time it worked... I'll add those SSDTs just to be safe. The graphic artifacts are gone too! JF
  9. Hello everyone, I have got 10.7.2 working on my L702x i7 2670QM, but when I updated to 10.7.4 and did all the steps from the tutorial, it wouldn't boot anymore. I didn't use the SSDT files from the 10.7.4 package (cautionned for 2630 only), and when I booted in verbose it didn't find the SSDT1, SSDT2 and SSDT3.aml files. Are any of those files available for 2670 or am I stuck on 10.7.2? I was getting some graphic artifacts on 10.7.2, but otherwise the rest was good, cool temps and stable. Thanks! JF