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  1. Mac OS X on ASUS N53SV-S1779V ?

    Thanks again. Now, another question, which tutorial should I read with my configuration for a Lion installation ? For example, do I need ModUSB ?
  2. Mac OS X on ASUS N53SV-S1779V ?

    Thanks for your reply. But is there any way to make the GT540M work ? The 1920x1080 resolution will be recognized with the HD3000 ? If I only use the HD3000, will I be limited graphically because it's not really powerful ?
  3. Mac OS X on ASUS N53SV-S1779V ?

    Hello everyone. I need some help and advices. I've already tried to install Mac OS X 10.6 on my desktop computer one year ago, and I almost suceeded (the video card wasn't recognized (ATI HD5830)). However, today I want to install Mac OS X on my new laptop, the ASUS N53SV-S1779V. I've already searched posts about the N53SV, but either i don't understand (because it's writed in another language than French and English), or it's about another N53SV with a slightly different configuration. I've tried the Snow Leopard DVD + ModUSB, it installs fine (even if sometimes it just crash), but I don't know how to configure the system to make it recognize my graphic card, CPU, etc. Here are my notebook's specs: Screen: 15.6’’ WUXGA Full HD LED BackLight (1920×1080) CPU: Intel Core i7-2670QM (2,2 GHz) RAM: 8 Go GPU: Intel GMA HD 3000 and nVidia GeForce GT 540M (nVidia Optimus) Wireless: Intel WiFi Link 1000 For the wireless card, I already know that Intel kexts are inexistant for this one, I will surely buy a WiFi dongle, so if you know a good one, tell me. I hope that someone will respond to me and help me to FINALLY install this on my notebook. Moreover, if a Lion installation is possible on this laptop with all of the drivers correctly loaded, I would like to have some links to a tutorial or some explanations, with links to kexts, if it's possible. P.S.: If someone is interested, I want a Mac installation for "creation", like graphic creation, music creation (the major reason), and programming. P.P.S: I'm French, so if my English isn't perfect, that's quite normal.