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  1. Yes. There is an entry for the Yukon-88E8053 in the Info.plist. I'm afraid, that even 10.6 will not work on the old laptop (but it is still worth a try).
  2. Thank you for acknowledging... I've checked the logs again and except numerous errors depending to not supported HW (PCMCIA, SD-card-slot and so on) there is no entry relying to the ethernet/lan-interface. All I can see is the wireless lan interface which of course is not working properly. I wonder my problems could have something to do with BIOS settings. Otherways - with Windows 8 (RP) and Ubuntu everything works fine. Greets!
  3. Hi everybody, I've searched the forum and all I've found was that it should work by default. The ethernet hardware simply isn't recognized (ifconfig and so on) - so it seems. I've installed 10.5.1 (Kalyway release) on a Toshiba Tecra S2 (latest BIOS, all HW working properly with Linux and Windows). As wireless lan cannot be used in encrypted mode, this would be my only option to connect to the internet. So - any suggestions? I've double checked the given hardware - there is an Yukon/Marvell LAN-chip installed with the internal name "88E8053". Maybe there is an option to (re-)activate the device? Thanks in advance! S.