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  1. Hello Lowrider6, the behaviour you noticed is "normal" That is, ESX 5.1 will allow you to install Mac OS X on a "fresh" ESXi 5.1 install because it supports installing Mac OS X on Apple Hardware. If you attempt to install Mac OS X on ESXi 5.1 without the unlocker on non APple hardware, you will be able to "install" the guest OS, but get the grey screen with beach ball (or grey gear). The recommended method when upgrading (or simply updating) ESXi is to first, uninstall the unlocker (run the uninstall script) then update or upgrade ESXi, then reinstall he unlocker. I bet that if you run the unlocker on the "fresh" ESXi 5.1 install you mention above, your Mac OS guest will boot normally. OR install 5.5 then the latest unlocker and you should be good to go. Please note the major changes in ESXi 5.5 before considering upgrading however!
  2. Sorry all, been a little busy with other stuff, but as mentioned above, will provide some help/feedback as soon as possible!
  3. I will gladly provide any screenshots and info in order to help, but I am not home at the moment, so it will have to wait a bit. In the meantime, my host server does have a "hardware" CD/DVD (make is LG)
  4. I do not think it's "important" but I was curious as to "where" the ISO was... and as mentioned above, other (linux) installs have successfully ran using the same method. I think that this error is generated depending on hardware type. I had no issues installing (Lion in my case) using the ISO saved on a local storage... I always clic the option to connect at power on however... (this might be obvious, but one never knows!!!) the reason I mention "hardware type" is because I do not have the "Passthrough IDE (recommended)" greyed out. I was not obligated to use it however...
  5. Is the ISO file on a locally attached data storage seen by esxi?
  6. I have not had to modify the VMX, so someone else may need to help in that case... that said, does your CPU and motherboard support VT-D ? some people with a very similar issue used an external USB CD/DVD in passthrough mode...
  7. I have seen this occasionally when the IDE controller is unsupported. What "mode" is the IDE Controller in? (Passthrough or Emulate IDE?) (again in the edit settings...)
  8. hmmm... and if you edit settings on the guest, you double checked settings there? "CD/DVD Drive points to ISO with "connect at power on ? I have seen this issue before where you had to make a change in the EFI. have you tried to boot with the verbose option? if you do that we could see where it hangs... you may need to "force EFI setup on next boot" and modify the boot manager. here is an example: On the shell type ‘boot -v npci=0×2000′ and hit enter
  9. hey mattpayerle, this worked for me : The ISO image must be created from the Lion ‘InstallESD.dmg’ (you can open package contents and browse to the "ESD.dmg located in /Contents/Shared Support/InstallESD.dmg.) Using terminal on Mac OS: hdiutil convert InstallESD.dmg -format UDTO -o InstallESD.iso. This will result in a .cdr file (.iso.cdr). You simply remove the ".cdr" and keep the ".iso" I then copied the .iso to a "local" storage on my ESXi box, and pointed the installer to the iso...
  10. Hello everyone, First, this Unlocker is awesome!!!! (thank you to all contributors) was simply wondering if any one had attempted to (either) uninstall the patch, update ESXi 5 to latest build, then re apply the patch, OR simply update ESXi to latest patch and report no issues? I am currently at build 721882, and the Unlocker patch works well, but I may need to update the host to fix a few issues with VMWareTools (and other) Thanks in advance!