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  1. Mountain Lion ML3u 5.1 surround?

    Okay so I figured out how to get 5.1 audio working, but now I no longer have hdmi, anyone know how to fix this, also my mobo has analong 7.1, but only three ports are enabled out of the 4, the problem is instead of having the main/sub as one of the 3, I have the side jack enabled, which isn't a problem, but I have to switch the cable every time I boot into another OS, any Ideas??? help appreciated
  2. So I got everything working perfectly in Mountain lion on my system( i7 3770k, gtx 670 4gb, z77x ud3h), the only problem is it only shows one line out at a time when I'm trying to configure 5.1 audio. Which ever is the last plugged in, it's the last one to show up. So If I plug in the orange cable, under audio output I get line out (Orange), same with green and black. Any ideas??
  3. ML3U installed, but Windows starts Instead

    Yes I figured it out to an extent, It was pointed to the ufi partition on the hdd instead of the actual mac OS partition, I corrected that and the bootloader started, but it was a tiny square in the corner, If i tried to boot Ml it would just freeze, but if Instead I selected boot ufi from Mac OS X hdd, it would start clover in full screen and then I can boot MAC OS X, to fix this I installed chimera Instead, so now it works fine but in low res. Thank you for the reply.
  4. Okay So I Installed ML3u on my z77x ud3h + i7 3770k, + gtx 670, I can boot from a clover Boot CD, but when I remove that CD, it starts in windows 8, I have 2 x 2tb drives( One for MEdia FIles + One With Win 8 set up) + a 250gb drive with mlu3 set up on it. I've been trying to figure this out for a day know and I'm clueless, Why does windows start instead of the clover bootloader, and yes I did Install the bootloader in the installation, so it is their???? Help Appreciated.
  5. So I finally got Iatkos s3 v2 working on my studio 1535, On first boot, it was stuck at a blue screen for 2 sec, then went to the black screen and I heard the staying alive song, then it just stayed black, I got frustrated and tried to turn it off, but as soon as I touched the power button the screen came on, now evrytime it shuts of, same story, anybody know why that is? also some times when it comes back on the trackpad stops working. UPDATE: Okay so after some studying of this issue it appears to be asleep issue, when I start it, if I leave it on without touching it for 2min, then I touch the trackpad or the keyboard, the screen wakes up. So How do I fix it, so that I don't have to wait 2 min at every start ?? Also If anyone has kernel panics while installing snow leopard on the studio 1535, then switch from RTC to RTC (32bit) that fixes the kernel panic, and if you have the dell mini 1397, you can get the wifi working by Installing the broadcom bcm43xx fixer. UPDATE 2: I Just Used the Display Sleeper Solution and it works fine now...
  6. Please help with, WIFI and HDMI AUDIO

    Nicceeeee, thank you so much, I was confused about the whole dsdt.aml thing
  7. Please help with, WIFI and HDMI AUDIO

    thank you guys, sucks that I can't use my wifi card
  8. Please help with, WIFI and HDMI AUDIO

    Yes I did that, but sound come out of the headsets only
  9. i5 2500k gtx 570 4gb ddr3 crossiar xms3 Asus p8z68-v motherboard 2tb western digital hdd 5400rpm Dlink extreme dwa 566 HP DVD writer (1270e) So installed lion osx 10.7.3 and I have to major problemes, a) my wifi says it's on but it cannot detect any networks. Sound only comes out from line in speakers and headsets, but it doesn't come out of the HDMI port on my gtx 570, are there any easy fixes for those issues????
  10. Still waiting for root device

    I figured it out, it was due to using an external DVD drive, I took it out of the en closer, installed it in the pc and it worked..
  11. Still waiting for root device

    Hmm, well I already checked my bios settings and they seem to be good, Sata is set to AHCI, SMART is Enabled, But I don't think anything else is relevent since I only have one drive in my pc, which is sata, the dvd writer is external. Also, it doesn't boot into the osx installer at all, so I don't know if I can work with the injectors.
  12. Okay, so I've been trying to install Iatkos l2 all morning on my custom built PC, When I boot it up, I get a unavailable logo over the apple logo,when I install it through the command prompt styled window, It loops over "Still waiting for root device". I tried booting in safemode, tried the rd=disk0, pcirootuid=1, # -pci 1, and a ton of other things I read on the web. Nothing works and I am stumped. My hardware is as follows: i5 2500k gtx 570 4gb ddr3 crossiar xms3 Asus p8z68-v motherboard 2tb western digital hdd 5400rpm And an exteran HP DVD writer (1270e) Also, I'm running my pc on windows 7, and created a 20gb partition for the iatakos, any ideas ???